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  • Received: Apr. 20, 2020

    Accepted: Jun. 1, 2020

    Posted: Jul. 30, 2020

    Published Online: Aug. 3, 2020

    The Author Email: Liangcai Cao (, Daping Chu (

    DOI: 10.3788/COL202018.100901

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    Xiaomeng Sui, Zehao He, Hao Zhang, Liangcai Cao, Daping Chu, Guofan Jin. Spatiotemporal double-phase hologram for complex-amplitude holographic displays[J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2020, 18(10): 100901

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  • Holography
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Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 18, Issue 10, 100901 (2020)

Spatiotemporal double-phase hologram for complex-amplitude holographic displays

Xiaomeng Sui1, Zehao He1, Hao Zhang1, Liangcai Cao1,*, Daping Chu2,**, and Guofan Jin1

Author Affiliations

  • 1State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instrument, Department of Precision Instruments, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
  • 2Centre for Photonic Devices and Sensors, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB3 0FA, UK


This Letter describes an approach to encode complex-amplitude light waves with spatiotemporal double-phase holograms (DPHs) for overcoming the limit of the space-bandwidth product (SBP) delivered by existing methods. To construct DPHs, two spatially macro-pixel encoded phase components are employed in the SBP-preserved resampling of complex holograms. Four generated sub-DPHs are displayed sequentially in time for high-quality holographic image reconstruction without reducing the image size or discarding any image terms when the DPHs are interweaved. The reconstructed holographic images contain more details and less speckle noise, with their signal-to-noise ratio and structure similarity index being improved by 14.64% and 78.79%, respectively.


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