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  • Received: Nov. 4, 2019

    Accepted: Jan. 3, 2020

    Posted: Apr. 21, 2020

    Published Online: Apr. 22, 2020

    The Author Email: Jingwei Guo (

    DOI: 10.3788/COL202018.051402

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    Chencheng Shen, Xianglong Cai, Youbao Sang, Tiancheng Zheng, Zhonghui Li, Dong Liu, Wanfa Liu, Jingwei Guo. Investigation of multispectral SF6 stimulated Raman scattering laser[J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2020, 18(5): 051402

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  • Lasers and Laser Optics
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Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 18, Issue 5, 051402 (2020)

Investigation of multispectral SF6 stimulated Raman scattering laser

Chencheng Shen1,2, Xianglong Cai1,3, Youbao Sang1,2, Tiancheng Zheng1,2, Zhonghui Li1, Dong Liu1, Wanfa Liu1, and Jingwei Guo1,*

Author Affiliations

  • 1Key Laboratory of Chemical Lasers, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian 116023, China
  • 2University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
  • 3School of Science, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun 130022, China


In this work, SF6 as a Raman-active medium is investigated to generate a multispectral Raman laser by the combination of cascade stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and four wave mixing. The Raman frequency comb from the 10th-order anti-Stokes to the 9th-order Stokes was generated, and its spectral range covered 377–846 nm. The photon conversion efficiency of 16.4% for the first Stokes was achieved, and the Raman gain coefficient at 1.5 MPa of SF6 under the 532 nm pump laser was calculated to be 0.83 cm/GW by the SRS threshold comparison with H2. Using helium as the carrier gas, the thermal effect of the SF6 Raman laser was improved dramatically under a repetition rate of 10 Hz.


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