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  • Received: Jul. 12, 2013

    Accepted: --

    Posted: Jan. 1, 2014

    Published Online: Jan. 2, 2014

    The Author Email: Xiaokang Fan (

    DOI: 10.3788/aos201434.0116001

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    Fan Xiaokang, Wang Xin, Li Xia, Li Kefeng, Hu Lili. 2.7 μm Fluorescence and Energy Transfer Process in Er3+-Doped and Er3+/Pr3+ co-Doped Tellurite Glasses[J]. Acta Optica Sinica, 2014, 34(1): 116001

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Acta Optica Sinica, Vol. 34, Issue 1, 116001 (2014)

2.7 μm Fluorescence and Energy Transfer Process in Er3+-Doped and Er3+/Pr3+ co-Doped Tellurite Glasses

Xiaokang Fan1,2,*, Xin Wang1,2, Xia Li1,2, Kefeng Li2, and Lili Hu2

Author Affiliations

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  • 2[in Chinese]


Er3+ singly doped and Er3+/Pr3+co-doped tellurite glasses 60TeO2-30WO3-10La2O3 are prepared by conventional melting method. The fluorescence spectra and lifetime of Er3+4I13/2 level pumped by 980 nm laser diode (LD) are investigated. The infrared and absorption spectra are measured. The absorption coefficient α is calculated based on the infrared spectrum. The spontaneous radiative coefficient Arad and fluorescence ratio β are acquired by Judd-Ofelt theory. Fuchtbauer-Laderburg theory is applied to calculate the stimulated emission cross section around 2.7 μm. The energy transfer processes and spectroscopic properties of Er3+-doping and Er3+/Pr3+ co-doping are analyzed under 980 nm LD excitation. The calculated absorption coefficient α of OH- is 0.57 cm-1, the spontaneous radiative coefficient Arad, fluorescence ratio β and the maximum stimulated emission cross section of Er3+4I11/2 to 4I13/2 transition are 60.6 s-1, 16.3%, and 1.13×10-20 cm2, respectively. The results indicate that this kind of tellurite glass is a promising matrix for 2.7 μm laser.


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