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  • Received: Aug. 17, 2019

    Accepted: Nov. 28, 2019

    Posted: Feb. 11, 2020

    Published Online: Feb. 13, 2020

    The Author Email: Ying Shang (, Chang Wang (

    DOI: 10.3788/COL202018.021204

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    Jiasheng Ni, Ying Shang, Chen Wang, Wenan Zhao, Chang Li, Bing Cao, Sheng Huang, Chang Wang, Gangding Peng. Non-intrusive flow measurement based on a distributed feedback fiber laser[J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2020, 18(2): 021204

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  • Optical Sensing, Measurements, and Metrology
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Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 18, Issue 2, 021204 (2020)

Non-intrusive flow measurement based on a distributed feedback fiber laser

Jiasheng Ni1,2, Ying Shang2,*, Chen Wang2, Wenan Zhao2, Chang Li2, Bing Cao2, Sheng Huang2, Chang Wang2,**, and Gangding Peng3

Author Affiliations

  • 1School of Precision Instrument and Opto-electronics Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, China
  • 2Laser Institute, Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), Jinan 250014, China
  • 3School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, University of New South Wales, NSW 2052, Australia


We propose a new non-intrusive flow measurement method using the distributed feedback fiber laser (DFB-FL) as a sensor to monitor flow in the pipe. The relationship between the wavelength of the DFB-FL and the liquid flow rate in the pipeline is derived. Under the guidance of this theory, the design and test of the flow sensor is completed. The response curve is relatively flat in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 500 Hz, and the response of the flow sensor has high linearity. The flow from 0.6 m3/h to 25.5 m3/h is accurately measured under the energy analysis method in different frequency intervals. A minimum flow rate of 0.046 m/s is achieved. The experimental results demonstrate the feasibility of the new non-intrusive flow measurement method based on the DFB-FL and accurate measurement of small flow rates.


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