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  • Received: Sep. 1, 2020

    Accepted: Nov. 14, 2020

    Posted: Nov. 18, 2020

    Published Online: Dec. 25, 2020

    The Author Email: Alexander Szameit (

    DOI: 10.1364/PRJ.409005

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    Friederike Klauck, Matthias Heinrich, Alexander Szameit. Photonic two-particle quantum walks in Su–Schrieffer–Heeger lattices[J]. Photonics Research, 2021, 9(1): 010000A1

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Photonics Research, Vol. 9, Issue 1, 010000A1 (2021)

Photonic two-particle quantum walks in Su–Schrieffer–Heeger lattices

Friederike Klauck, Matthias Heinrich, and Alexander Szameit*

Author Affiliations

  • Institute for Physics, University of Rostock, 18059 Rostock, Germany


We report on the experimental demonstration of two-photon quantum walks at the edge of a photonic Su–Schrieffer–Heeger lattice and compare them to those observed when launching photons at the edge of a homogeneous lattice. Whereas at the topological edge, one of the photons primarily remains close to the edge, both photons penetrate freely from the trivial edge into the bulk. This behavior manifests also in the average inter-particle distance, which is significantly larger at the topological edge. Hence, for a given propagation length, the entangled two-photon state launched at the topological edge extends over a wider domain of the lattice.

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