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  • Received: Oct. 25, 2006

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    Posted: Jun. 27, 2007

    Published Online: Jun. 27, 2007

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    Fangdi Zhang, Xiaoyi Liu, Min Zhang, Peida Ye. A novel design for single-polarization single-mode photonic crystal fiber at 1550 nm[J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2007, 5(5): 260

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Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 5, Issue 5, 260 (2007)

A novel design for single-polarization single-mode photonic crystal fiber at 1550 nm

Fangdi Zhang*, Xiaoyi Liu, Min Zhang, and Peida Ye

Author Affiliations

  • Key Laboratory of Optical Communication and Lightwave Technology, Ministry of Education, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876


The present paper proposes a novel design for achieving single-polarization single-mode (SPSM) operation at 1550 nm in photonic crystal fiber (PCF), using a rectangular-lattice PCF with two lines of three central air holes enlarged. The proposed PCF composed entirely of silica material is modeled by a full-vector finite element method with anisotropic perfectly matched layers. Simulations show that single-polarization operation within broad wavelength range can be easily realized with the proposed structure. The wide-band SPSM operation features, the low confinement losses, and the small effective mode area are the main advantages of the proposed PCF structure. A SPSM-PCF with confinement loss less than 0.1 dB/km within wavelength range from 1370 to 1610 nm and effective mode area about 4.7 micron2 at 1550 nm is numerically demonstrated.


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