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  • Received: Feb. 11, 2020

    Accepted: May. 18, 2020

    Posted: May. 19, 2020

    Published Online: Jun. 11, 2020

    The Author Email: Jing Wen (, Dawei Zhang (

    DOI: 10.1364/PRJ.390202

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    Binbin Yu, Jing Wen, Lei Chen, Leihong Zhang, Yulong Fan, Bo Dai, Saima Kanwal, Dangyuan Lei, Dawei Zhang. Polarization-independent highly efficient generation of Airy optical beams with dielectric metasurfaces[J]. Photonics Research, 2020, 8(7): 07001148

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  • Surface Optics and Plasmonics
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Photonics Research, Vol. 8, Issue 7, 07001148 (2020)

Polarization-independent highly efficient generation of Airy optical beams with dielectric metasurfaces 

Binbin Yu1,†, Jing Wen1,4,†,*, Lei Chen1, Leihong Zhang1, Yulong Fan2, Bo Dai1, Saima Kanwal1, Dangyuan Lei2, and Dawei Zhang1,3,5,*

Author Affiliations

  • 1Engineering Research Center of Optical Instrument and Systems, Ministry of Education and Shanghai Key Laboratory of Modern Optical System, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China
  • 2Department of Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  • 3Shanghai Institute of Intelligent Science and Technology, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China
  • 4e-mail:
  • 5e-mail:


Airy optical beams have emerged to hold enormous theoretical and experimental research interest due to their outstanding characteristics. Conventional approaches suffer from bulky and costly systems, as well as poor phase discretization. The newly developed metasurface-based Airy beam generators have constraints of polarization dependence or limited generation efficiency. Here, we experimentally demonstrate a polarization-independent silicon dielectric metasurface for generation of high-efficiency Airy optical beams. In our implementation, rather than synchronous manipulation of the amplitude and phase by plasmonic or Huygens’ metasurfaces, we employ and impose a 3/2 phase-only manipulation to the dielectric metasurface, consisting of an array of silicon nanopillars with an optimized transmission efficiency as high as 97%. The resultant Airy optical beams possess extraordinarily large deflection angles and relatively narrow beam widths. Our validated scheme will open up a fascinating doorway to broaden the application scenarios of Airy optical beams on ultracompact photonic platforms.

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