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  • Received: Dec. 4, 2019

    Accepted: Feb. 14, 2020

    Posted: Apr. 10, 2020

    Published Online: Apr. 10, 2020

    The Author Email: Song Yufeng (, Wang Zhenhong (, Wang Cong (, Panajotov Krassimir (, Zhang Han (

    DOI: 10.1117/1.AP.2.2.024001

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    Yufeng Song, Zhenhong Wang, Cong Wang, Krassimir Panajotov, Han Zhang. Recent progress on optical rogue waves in fiber lasers: status, challenges, and perspectives[J]. Advanced Photonics, 2020, 2(2): 024001

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Advanced Photonics, Vol. 2, Issue 2, 024001 (2020)

Recent progress on optical rogue waves in fiber lasers: status, challenges, and perspectives

Yufeng Song1,†, Zhenhong Wang1, Cong Wang1, Krassimir Panajotov2,3, and Han Zhang1,*

Author Affiliations

  • 1Shenzhen University, Institute of Microscale Optoelectronics, Collaborative Innovation Center for Optoelectronic Science and Technology, Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Phosphorene and Optoelectronics, Shenzhen, China
  • 2Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Department of Applied Physics and Photonics, Brussels Photonics, Brussels, Belgium
  • 3Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Solid State Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria


Rogue waves (RWs) are rare, extreme amplitude, localized wave packets, which have received much interest recently in different areas of physics. Fiber lasers with their abundant nonlinear dynamics provide an ideal platform to observe optical RW formation. We review recent research progress on rogue waves in fiber lasers. Basic concepts of RWs and the mechanisms of RW generation in fiber lasers are discussed, along with representative experimental and theoretical results. The measurement methods for RW identification in fiber lasers are presented and analyzed. Finally, prospects for future RW research in fiber lasers are summarized.


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