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  • Received: May. 14, 2018

    Accepted: Jun. 21, 2018

    Posted: May. 6, 2019

    Published Online: Mar. 19, 2019

    The Author Email: Teng Jinghua (

    DOI: 10.29026/oea.2018.180009

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    Arash Nemati, Qian Wang, Minghui Hong, Jinghua Teng. Tunable and reconfigurable metasurfaces and metadevices[J]. Opto-Electronic Advances, 2018, 1(5): 180009-1

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Opto-Electronic Advances, Vol. 1, Issue 5, 180009-1 (2018)

Tunable and reconfigurable metasurfaces and metadevices

Arash Nemati1,2, Qian Wang1, Minghui Hong2, and Jinghua Teng1,*

Author Affiliations

  • 1Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), 2 Fusionopolis Way, Singa-pore 138634, Singapore
  • 2Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117576, Singapore


Metasurfaces, two-dimensional equivalents of metamaterials, are engineered surfaces consisting of deep subwavelength features that have full control of the electromagnetic waves. Metasurfaces are not only being applied to the current devices throughout the electromagnetic spectrum from microwave to optics but also inspiring many new thrilling applications such as programmable on-demand optics and photonics in future. In order to overcome the limits imposed by passive metasurfaces, extensive researches have been put on utilizing different materials and mechanisms to design active metasurfaces. In this paper, we review the recent progress in tunable and reconfigurable metasurfaces and metadevices through the different active materials deployed together with the different control mechanisms including electrical, thermal, optical, mechanical, and magnetic, and provide the perspective for their future development for applications.


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