Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Year: 2014

<Volume: 7, Issue: 4>

12 Article(s)

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Research Article

Manipulation of spectral amplitude and phase with plasmonic nano-structures for information storage

Wei Ting CHEN, Pin Chieh WU, Kuang-Yu YANG, and Din Ping TSAI

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 437 (2014)


A special issue on Optical Storage

Xiangshui MIAO

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 407 (2014)


Optimized multi-dimensional optical storage reading strategy

Hequn WANG, Jing PEI, and Longfa PAN

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 467 (2014)

Tunneling current in Si-doped n type-GaAs heterostructures infrared emitter

Pradip DALAPATI, Nabin Baran MANIK, and Asok Nath BASU

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 501 (2014)

Preparation and characterization of high uniformity zinc oxide nanosheets

Xiaoyan LI, Pei LIANG, Le WANG, and Feihong YU

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 509 (2014)


High density collinear holographic data storage system

Xiaodi TAN, Xiao LIN, An’an WU, and Jingliang ZANG

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 443 (2014)

Recent advances in holographic data storage


Vol. 7, Issue 4, 450 (2014)

Progress of super-resolution near-field structure and its application in optical data storage

Kui ZHANG, Yongyou GENG, Yang WANG, and Yiqun WU

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 475 (2014)

Optical storage: an emerging option in long-term digital preservation

Shenggang WAN, Qiang CAO, and Changsheng XIE

Vol. 7, Issue 4, 486 (2014)