Frontiers of Optoelectronics

Year: 2019

<Volume: 12, Issue: 4>

13 Article(s)

About the Cover:


The smallest nanowire spectrometers

Jianji DONG

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 341 (2019)


Screen printing process control for coating high throughput titanium dioxide films toward printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells

Zhining WAN, Mi XU, Zhengyang FU, Da LI, Anyi MEI, Yue HU, Yaoguang RONG, and Hongwei HAN

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 344 (2019)

Antimony doped Cs2SnCl6 with bright and stable emission

Jinghui LI, Zhifang TAN, Manchen HU, Chao CHEN, Jiajun LUO, Shunran LI, Liang GAO, Zewen XIAO, Guangda NIU, and Jiang TANG

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 352 (2019)

Chemical sensing through photonic crystal fiber: sulfuric acid detection

Etu PODDER, Md. Bellal HOSSAIN, Rayhan Habib JIBON, Abdullah Al-Mamun BULBUL, and Himadri Shekhar MONDAL

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 372 (2019)

Near-infrared carbon-implanted waveguides in Tb3+-doped aluminum borosilicate glasses

Yue WANG, Jiaxin ZHAO, Qifeng ZHU, Jianping SHEN, Zhongyue WANG, Haitao GUO, and Chunxiao LIU

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 392 (2019)

Airy-like field under high numerical aperture optical system

Yong LIU, Zhifeng ZHANG, and Cuifang KUANG

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 397 (2019)

Experimental and simulation assessments of underwater light propagation

Fatah ALMABOUADA, Manuel Adler ABREU, Joo M. P. COELHO, and Kamal Eddine AIADI

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 405 (2019)

Robot visual guide with Fourier-Mellin based visual tracking

Chao PENG, Danhua CAO, Yubin WU, and Qun YANG

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 413 (2019)

Heuristic polling sequence to enhance sleep count of EPON

Bhargav Ram RAYAPATI and Nakkeeran RANGASWAMY

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 422 (2019)

Improved offline multi-objective routing and wavelength assignment in optical networks

Harpreet KAUR and Munish RATTAN

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 433 (2019)