Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences

Year: 2018

<Volume: 11, Issue: 2>

8 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Scanless multitarget-matching multiphoton excitation fluorescence microscopy

Junpeng Qiu, Lei Wang, Bruce Zhi, Junle Qu, and Yonghong Shao

Vol. 11, Issue 2, 1750013 (2018)

Source reconstruction for bioluminescence tomography via L1/2 regularization

Jingjing Yu, Qiyue Li, and Haiyu Wang

Vol. 11, Issue 2, 1750014 (2018)

ICAM-1 depletion in the center of immunological synapses is important for calcium releasing in T-cells

Yuanzhen Suo, Wei Lin, Yuting Deng, Zhichao Fan, Lizeng Qin, Guosheng Jiang, Yiwei Chu, and Xunbin Wei

Vol. 11, Issue 2, 1750015 (2018)

PDBlocal: A web-based tool for local inspection of biological macromolecular 3D structures

Pan Wang, Guangxiao Yang, and Guangyuan He

Vol. 11, Issue 2, 1850002 (2018)

Optical investigations reveal the effects of 2-aminoethyldiphenyl borate on STIM1 puncta formation

Tao Yu, Shangbin Chen, Jingying Pan, Conglin Su, and Jun He

Vol. 11, Issue 2, 1850003 (2018)

Identifying camellia oil adulteration with selected vegetable oils by characteristic near-infrared spectral regions

Xuan Chu, Wei Wang, Chunyang Li, Xin Zhao, and Hongzhe Jiang

Vol. 11, Issue 2, 1850006 (2018)