Photonic Sensors

Year: 2018

<Volume: 8, Issue: 3>

12 Article(s)

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Study on Snake Venom Protein-Antibody Interaction by Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy

Subhankar N., Barlina KONWAR, Simran KAUR, Robin DOLEY, and Biplob MONDAL

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 193 (2018)

High-Speed Mach-Zehnder-OTDR Distributed Optical Fiber Vibration Sensor Using Medium-Coherence Laser

Yuheng TONG, Zhengying LI, Jiaqi WANG, Honghai WANG, and Haihu YU

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 203 (2018)

Strong Influence of Temperature and Vacuum on the Photoluminescence of In0.3Ga0.7As Buried and Surface Quantum Dots

Guodong WANG, Huiqiang JI, Junling SHEN, Yonghao XU, Xiaolian LIU, and Ziyi FU

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 213 (2018)

Mellin Transform-Based Correction Method for Linear Scale Inconsistency of Intrusion Events Identification in OFPS

Baocheng WANG, Dandan QU, Qing TIAN, and Liping PANG

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 220 (2018)

Output Characteristics of GaAs Cell Irradiated by Laser

Xiaowei LI

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 228 (2018)

RVFL-Based Optical Fiber Intrusion Signal Recognition With Multi-Level Wavelet Decomposition as Feature

Yanping WANG, Dianjun GONG, Liping PANG, and Dan YANG

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 234 (2018)

An Optical MIM Pressure Sensor Based on a Double Square Ring Resonator

Pardis PALIZVAN, Saeed OLYAEE, and Mahmood SEIFOURI

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 242 (2018)

Porous Silicon Based Bragg-Grating Resonator for Refractive Index Biosensor

Sourabh SAHU, Jalil ALI, Preecha P., and Ghanshyam SINGH

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 248 (2018)

Calibration Method to Eliminate Zeroth Order Effect in Lateral Shearing Interferometry

Chao FANG, Yang XIANG, Keqi QI, and Dawei CHEN

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 255 (2018)

Benzene Shape Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Plasma Sensor: Design and Analysis

Md. Toriqul, Md. Golam, Kawsar AHMED, and Sawrab CHOWDHURY

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 263 (2018)

Research on a Pulse Interference Filter Used for the Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogation System

Weifang ZHANG, Feifei REN, Yingwu LI, Bo JIN, and Wei DAI

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 270 (2018)

Composite Sinusoidal Nanograting With Long-Range SERS Effect for Label-Free TNT Detection

Cheng XIAO, Zhibin CHEN, Mengze QIN, Dongxiao ZHANG, and Lei FAN

Vol. 8, Issue 3, 278 (2018)