Advanced Photonics

2019, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 11 Article(s)


Editorial: Welcome to Advanced Photonics

Xiao-Cong (Larry) Yuan, and Anatoly Zayats

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 010101 (2019)

News and Commentaries

Perspectives on the future of photonics: the best is yet to come

Eugene G. Arthurs

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 010501 (2019)

Waves stranded at sea: bound states in the continuum in a strong coupling regime

Shaimaa I. Azzam, and Alexander V. Kildishev

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 010503 (2019)


Transformation optics from macroscopic to nanoscale regimes: a review

Jingjing Zhang, John B. Pendry, and Yu Luo

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 014001 (2019)

Research Articles

Bound states in the continuum and Fano resonances in the strong mode coupling regime

Andrey A. Bogdanov, Kirill L. Koshelev, Polina V. Kapitanova, Mikhail V. Rybin, Sergey A. Gladyshev, Zarina F. Sadrieva, Kirill B. Samusev, Yuri S. Kivshar, and Mikhail F. Limonov

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 016001 (2019)

Subvoxel light-sheet microscopy for high-resolution high-throughput volumetric imaging of large biomedical specimens

Peng Fei, Jun Nie, Juhyun Lee, Yichen Ding, Shuoran Li, Hao Zhang, Masaya Hagiwara, Tingting Yu, Tatiana Segura, Chih-Ming Ho, Dan Zhu, and Tzung K. Hsiai

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 016002 (2019)

Revealing the behavior of soliton buildup in a mode-locked laser

Xueming Liu, and Yudong Cui

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 016003 (2019)

End-to-end deep learning framework for digital holographic reconstruction 

Zhenbo Ren, Zhimin Xu, and Edmund Y. Lam

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 016004 (2019)

Noniterative spatially partially coherent diffractive imaging using pinhole array mask

Xingyuan Lu, Yifeng Shao, Chengliang Zhao, Sander Konijnenberg, Xinlei Zhu, Ying Tang, Yangjian Cai, and H. Paul Urbach

Vol. 1, Issue 1, 016005 (2019)