Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2003

<Volume: 1, Issue: 12>

15 Article(s)

About the Cover:

atmospheric and ocean optics

Compensating laser wave-front aberration in atmosphere 1.27 km away with SBS

Youlun Ju, Qi Wang, Deying Chen, Xin Yu, and Yuezhu Wang

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12683 (2003)

Atomic and Molecular Physics

A scheme for the generation of two-mode atomic laser

Chunjia Huang, Ming Zhou, and Kewei Mo

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12686 (2003)

image processing

Speckle suppressing based on morphological filter and fuzzy logic

Lihui Jiang, Deming Ren, and Xuhu Lu

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12689 (2003)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Research on direction recognizing and subdividing method for moire (interference) fringes

Xingchun Chu, Haibao Lu, and Juliang Cao

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12692 (2003)

lasers and laser optics

Stable mode-locking in an Yb:YAG laser with a fast SESAM

Guifang Ju, Lu Chai, Qingyue Wang, Zhigang Zhang, Yonggang Wang, and Xiaoyu Ma

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12695 (2003)

A passively Q-switched diode pumped Yb:YAG microchip laser

Haisheng Wu, Ping Yan, Mali Gong, and Qiang Liu

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12697 (2003)


Influence of OH groups on 1.5-μm emission of Yb^(3+)/Er^(3+) co-doped tungsten-tellurite glasses

Jiacheng Li, Hefang Hu, and Fuxi Gan

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12702 (2003)

nonlinear optics

Edge enhancement by using two-wave mixing and its application to pattern recognition

Huayong Ge, Qiushi Ren, Baohua Wang, Wanrong Li, and Haiying Cheng

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12705 (2003)

Infrared OPO temperature tuning based on periodically-poled lithium niobate

Xuejin Li, Baigang Zhang, Jianquan Yao, and Jiefeng Zhang

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12711 (2003)

Application of plasma shutter in second harmonic generation of AgGaSe_(2) crystal

Jinzhe Huang, Xiaoyong Hu, Deming Ren, and Yanchen Qu 1

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12714 (2003)


Thermal phase change and activation energy of crystallization of Ge-Sb-Te-Sn thin films

Sipeng Gu, Lisong Hou, Qitao Zhao, and Rui’an Huang

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12716 (2003)

optical devices

Two-dimensional near-infrared photonic crystal fabrication by generation of void channels in solid resin

Guangyong Zhou, Michael James Ventura, and Min Gu

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12719 (2003)

remote sensing

Noise reduction in LOS wind velocity of Doppler lidar using discrete wavelet analysis

Songhua Wu, Zhishen Liu, and Dapeng Sun

Vol. 1, Issue 12, 12722 (2003)