Chinese Optics Letters

Atmospheric and Ocean Optics

A new differential absorption lidar for NO2 measurements using Raman-shifted technique

Shunxing Hu, Huanling Hu, Yinchao Zhang, Jun Zhou, Guming Yue, Kun Tan, Yufeng Ji, and Ben Xu

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08435 (2003)

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Variation of electronic transition moment versus internuclear distance for NO (A^(2)∑ → X^(2)∏) transition

Lianshui Zhang, Guiyin Zhang, Xiaodong Yang, Xiaohui Zhao, and Yi Li

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08438 (2003)

Diffraction and Gratings

Influence of cladding layer field of slab waveguide on M^(2) factor

Bin Lin, Xuejin Wen, and Fuyuan Guo

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08441 (2003)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Several mechanically-induced long-period gratings by a grooved plate

Kai Chen, Qiuqing Sheng, Chunfeng Ge, Xiaoyi Dong, Jun Han, and Shengping Chen

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08444 (2003)

Adaptive PMD compensation in 10-Gb/s RZ optical communication system

Xiaoguang Zhang, Li Yu, Guangtao Zhou, Yu Shen, Yuan Zheng, Chaoyang Li, Yumin Liu, Lin Chen, and Bojun Yang

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08447 (2003)

A new compensation method for temperature-dependent gain tilt in L-band EDFA by adjusting only inserted VOA

Qiaofeng Jiang, Xiaoming Liu, Qing Wang, and Yan Wang

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08451 (2003)

Design and analysis of the optical transceiver for mobile atmospheric laser communication

Dongtang Ma, Jibo Wei, Zhaowen Zhuang, and Tao Wen

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08455 (2003)

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Metrology

A new method for angular displacement measurement

Caini Zhang, and Xiangzhao Wang

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08459 (2003)

Integrated Optics

Spatial soliton by cascading χ^((2)) effect and its self-induced wave-guide in quasi-phase-matched media

Kezhu Hong, Xianfeng Chen, Guangqie Gao, and Yingli Chen

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08462 (2003)

Design and fabrication of the star coupler based on SOI material

Xiaoqing Jiang, Baiyang Li, Yanzhe Tang, Jianyi Yang, Minghua Wang, Wenhui Wang, Yirong Yang, Yaming Wu, and Yuelin Wang

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08465 (2003)

A novel wide-dynamic-range logarithmic-response bipolar junction photogate transistor for CMOS imagers

Xiangliang Jin, Jie Chen, and Yulin Qiu

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08468 (2003)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Experimental study of mode characteristics for equilateral triangle semiconductor microcavities

Qiaoyin Lu, Xiaohong Chen, Weihua Guo, Lijuan Yu, Yongzhen Huang, Jian Wang, and Yi Luo

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08472 (2003)

Study on the beam shaping of high-power laser diode bars

Wei Huang, Xiaodong Zeng, and Yuying An

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08475 (2003)

Comparative study of the mode-locking of Nd:GdVO_(4) and Nd:YAG lasers with semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors

Bingyuan Zhang, Gang Li, Meng Chen, Yonggang Wang, and Zhigang Zhang

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08477 (2003)

Single-frequency operation of a diode-pumped green laser using multi-Brewster plates

Quan Zheng, Ling Zhao, and Longsheng Qian

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08480 (2003)

Nonlinear Optics

Properties of cat mutually pumped phase conjugation and two-wave mixing gain in doped KNSBN

Xinguang Xu, Zongshu Shao, Zhengping Wang, Junhai Liu, Guibao Xu, and Dawei Hu

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08482 (2003)

Quantum Optics

Time evolution of atomic inversion in a standing wave light field

Wen Yin, Jiuqing Liang, Yunzhong Lai, and Qiwei Yan

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08485 (2003)

Thin Films

Numerical calculation of Kerr spectra for Co/Pt magnetic multilayered films

Yingbin Lin, Zhigao Huang, and Youwei Du

Vol. 1, Issue 8, 08491 (2003)

Vision and Color