Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2005

<Volume: 3, Issue: 9>

19 Article(s)

About the Cover:

diffraction and gratings

Antireflective characteristics of triangular shaped gratings

Jianguo Wang, Jianda Shao, Sumei Wang, Hongbo He, and Zhengxiu Fan

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09497 (2005)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Polarization effect in parametric amplifier

Junhe Zhou, Jianping Chen, Xinwan Li, Guiling Wu, and Yiping Wang

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09500 (2005)

Novel photonic packet WDM ring networks with tunable transmitters and fixed receivers using multi-token protocol

Zhiguo Gao, Hongwei Chen, Minghua Chen, and Shizhong Xie

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09503 (2005)


image processing

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Study on eight-pass dual-frequency laser interferometer with nanometer precision

Haijun Gao, Zhaogu Cheng, Zhigao Ning, Pinjing Cui, and Huijie Huang

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09513 (2005)

Shape measurement of aspheric plastic lens with large angle

Dagang Huang, Heng Zhang, Shah-Rong Lee, and Baoguang Wang

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09516 (2005)

lasers and laser optics

Passively Q-switched Nd:GdVO4 solid-state lasers with stabilized repetition rates

Haifeng Pan and Heping Zeng

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09520 (2005)

The application of sample-and-hold circuits in the laser frequency-shifting

Shuyu Zhou, Shanyu Zhou, and Yuzhu Wang

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09524 (2005)

Nd-glass belt lasers with improved beam quality

Xin Ye, Tao Fang, Zhimin Wang, Shixun Dai, and Jianqiu Xu

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09527 (2005)

Effects of Y2O3 upon mechanical properties of laser coating

Chi Deng, Yong Wang, Yaping Zhang, and Jiacheng Gao

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09530 (2005)


A novel coupled quantum well structure with large field-induced refractive index change and low absorption loss at 1.55 μm

Zhixin Xu, Qiang Zhou, Xiaoqing Jiang, Xihua Li, Jianyi Yang, and Minghua Wang

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09533 (2005)

Blue upconversion luminescence in Tm^(3+)/Yb^(3+) co-doped new oxyfluoride tellurite glass

Shiqing Xu, Hongping Ma, Dawei Fang, Zaixuan Zhang, Lili Hu, and Zhonghong Jiang

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09536 (2005)

Study on third-order nonlinear optical properties of a soluble poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivative

Baoming Li, Hongcai Wu, Xiaoqi Li, and Wenhui Yi

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09539 (2005)

Quantum Optics

Nonlinear dynamics study of an open resonant Λ-type system

Ni Cui, Zhengping Hong, Hua Li, Aiyun Li, and Xijun Fan

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09546 (2005)


Development of infrared spectral radiation measurement system of a non-luminous flame

Zhao Jin, Maohua Yang, Guibin Yuan, and Jingmin Dai

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09549 (2005)

Constrained high-order statistical blind deconvolution of spectral data

Jinghe Yuan, Ziqiang Hu, Guiying Wang, and Zhizhan Xu

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09552 (2005)

vision and color

Color space conversion of digital photofinishing by neural network

Baozhong Mu and Feihong Yu

Vol. 3, Issue 9, 09556 (2005)