Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2007

<Volume: 5, Issue: 10>

20 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Experimental verification of combinational-deformable-mirror for phase correction

Guilin Liu, Huafeng Yang, Changhui Rao, Yudong Zhang, and Wenhan Jiang

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 559 (2007)

A novel image fusion algorithm based on bandelet transform

Xiaobo Qu, Jingwen Yan, Guofu Xie, Ziqian Zhu, and Bengang Chen

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 569 (2007)

A robust method for inverse halftoning via two-dimensional nonlinear pyramid

Yueping Kong and Ping Zeng

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 573 (2007)

Subwavelength-diameter silica wire for light in-coupling to silicon-based waveguide

Ziyang Zhang, Min Qiu, Ulf Andersson, and Limin Tong

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 577 (2007)

Characteristic of high-organized PS/BPS photonic crystals

Hongrong Dong, Jianxun Gao, Xianghua Kong, Minmin Cai, and Lin Shi

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 580 (2007)

Low threshold Nd^(3+):KY(WO4)2 laser operated at 1072 nm pumped by diode

Lang Lin, Zhenqiang Chen, Ge Zhang, Rugang Wang, Zhen Li, and Jingzhao Li

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 582 (2007)

High performance 1689-nm quantum well diode lasers

Yupeng Duan, Tao Lin, Cuiluan Wang, Feng Chong, and Xiaoyu Ma

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 585 (2007)

Optimization of gallium nitride-based laser diode through transverse modes analysis

Xiaomin Jin, Bei Zhang, Liang Chen, Tao Dai, and Guoyi Zhang

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 588 (2007)

20-W sealed-off CuBr vapour laser excited with modified Blumlein circuit

Bangning Mao, Bailiang Pan, Yubo Wang, Li Chen, and Limin Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 591 (2007)

Electroless silver plating for metallization of near-field optical fiber probes

Chang'an Li, Lina Xu, and Ning Gu

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 594 (2007)

Frequency doubling with periodically poled KTiOPO4 at the fundamental wave of cesium D2 transition

Xiaoling Song, Zhigang Li, Pengfei Zhang, Gang Li, Yuchi Zhang, Junmin Wang, and Tiancai Zhang

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 596 (2007)

Nonlinear optical properties of polyaniline composite materials

Lei Ma, Yundong Zhang, Nana Wang, and Ping Yuan

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 599 (2007)

Quantum simulation for peak broadening in atom lithography

Min Zhao, Zhanshan Wang, Yan Ma, Bin Ma, and Fosheng Li

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 602 (2007)

Experimental investigation on wake profile detection based on laser scattering by bubbles

Liping Su, Weijiang Zhao, Xiaoyong Hu, Deming Ren, and Xizhan Liu

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 609 (2007)

Automatic baseline correction of infrared spectra

Tiange Lan, Yonghua Fang, Wei Xiong, and Chao Kong

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 613 (2007)

Prediction of Chinese color system appearance scales using various color appearance models

Yusheng Lian, Xiuze Wang, and Wei Meng

Vol. 5, Issue 10, 617 (2007)