Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2007

<Volume: 5, Issue: 6>

19 Article(s)

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Aharonov-Bohm effect in spherical billiard

Dehua Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 311 (2007)

Multiphoton ionization and dissociation of CH3I at 266 and 355 nm

Li Li, Xianghe Kong, and Shudong Zhang

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 315 (2007)

7.3-W single-frequency master-oscillator fiber power amplifier with China-made double-clad fiber

Fangpei Zhang, Qihong Lou, Jun Zhou, Hongming Zhao, Jingxing Dong, Yunrong Wei, Bing He, Jinyan Li, Weibiao Chen, Jianqiang Zhu, and Zhijiang Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 322 (2007)

Improved adaptive-threshold burst assembly in optical burst switching networks

Jiuru Yang, Gang Wang, and Shilou Jia

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 325 (2007)

Study on welded seam recognition using circular laser vision sensor

Peiquan Xu, Xinhua Tang, Ri Na, and Shun Yao

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 328 (2007)

Scalable distributed video coding based on block SW-SPIHT

Anhong Wang, Yao Zhao, Zhenfeng Zhu, and Hao Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 336 (2007)

A computed tomography reconstruction algorithm based on multipurpose optimal criterion and simulated annealing theory

Hui Li, Xiong Wan, Taoli Liu, Zhongshou Liu, and Yanhua Zhu

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 340 (2007)

Micro-Gal laser absolute gravimeter based on high precision heterodyne interferometer

Zhiping Zhang, Zhaogu Cheng, Zhaoyu Qin, and Jianqiang Zhu

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 344 (2007)

Lasing characteristics of strongly pumped Yb-doped photonic crystal fiber laser

Kang Li, Yishan Wang, Wei Zhao, Guofu Chen, Qinjun Peng, Dafu Cui, and Zuyan Xu

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 347 (2007)

Experimental spectra study of Tm:GdVO4 microchip laser at room temperature

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 351 (2007)

All solid-state sum-frequency generation of 1.12-W continuous-wave laser at 588 nm

Yanfei Lu, Xihe Zhang, and Zhihai Yao

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 353 (2007)

Effect of MAE on the properties of phosphate edge-cladding glasses

Fenggang Zhao, Guonian Wang, and Lili Hu

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 355 (2007)

All angle negative refraction with the effective phase index of -1

Tao Geng, Tingyu Liu, and Songlin Zhuang

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 361 (2007)

Generation of cluster states in thermal cavity

Meifeng Chen, Songshe Ma, and Xiaolan Zhang

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 364 (2007)

Study on vibrational modes by group theory and infrared spectra by DFT for calcite crystal

Danhua Lou, Fengjiu Sun, and Lijuan Li

Vol. 5, Issue 6, 370 (2007)