Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2007

<Volume: 5, Issue: 8>

20 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Combinational-deformable-mirror adaptive optics system for compensation of high-order modes of wavefront

Huafeng Yang, Guilin Liu, Changhui Rao, Yudong Zhang, and Wenhan Jiang

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 435 (2007)

Influence of group-delay ripple on timing jitter induced by SPM and IXPM in systems with dispersion compensated by CFBG

Xi Qin, Jihong Cao, Yong Chen, Feng Zhang, and Shuisheng Jian

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 441 (2007)

Dominant color extraction based color correction for multi-view images

Feng Shao, Mei Yu, and Gangyi Jiang

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 449 (2007)

Target models for range performance prediction of infrared imaging system

Yinghua Zhang and Zhongnan Wan

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 454 (2007)

Generation of a hollow laser beam by a multimode fiber

Hongyu Ma, Huadong Cheng, Wenzhuo Zhang, Liang Liu, and Yuzhu Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 460 (2007)

808-nm fiber coupled module with a CW output power up to 130 W

Xiaowei Wang, Xiaoyu Ma, Gaozhan Fang, Xiaoming Feng, and Suping Liu

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 466 (2007)

Investigation of pulsed laser ablation process of Hg0.8Cd0.2Te

Xinling Zhou, Chuansong Chen, Baoyuan Man, and Juan Guo

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 468 (2007)

Two-dimensional optical tomography of hemodynamic changes in a preterm infant brain

Feng Gao, Yuan Xue, Huijuan Zhao, Takashi Kusaka, Masanori Ueno, and Yukio Yamada

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 472 (2007)

Feasibility of photoacoustic tomography for ophthalmology

Tao Lu, Zhiyuan Song, Yixiong Su, Fan Zhang, and Jianquan Yao

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 475 (2007)

All-optical conversion scheme from binary to its MTN form with the help of nonlinear material based tree-net architecture

Anup Kumar Maiti, Jitendra Nath Roy, and Sourangshu Mukhopadhyay

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 480 (2007)

Entanglement dynamics of non-interacting two-qubit system under a squeezed vacuum environment

Jun Qian, Xunli Feng, and Shangqing Gong

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 484 (2007)

Effects of water vapor in high vacuum chamber on the properties of HfO2 films

Bo Ling, Hongbo He, and Jianda Shao

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 487 (2007)

Pulse compression and supercontinuum at different powers of femtosecond pulses in water

Feng Xu, Jiansheng Liu, Ruxin Li, and Zhizhan Xu

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 490 (2007)

Birefringent plate design for broadband spectral shaping in a Ti:sapphire regenerative amplifier

Xiaoming Lu, Chuang Li, Yuxin Leng, Cheng Wang, Chunmei Zhang, Xiaoyan Liang, Ruxin Li, and Zhizhan Xu

Vol. 5, Issue 8, 493 (2007)