Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2007

<Volume: 5, Issue: 9>

20 Article(s)

About the Cover:

An adaptive laser beam shaping technique based on a genetic algorithm

Ping Yang, Yuan Liu, Wei Yang, Minwu Ao, Shijie Hu, Bing Xu, and Wenhan Jiang

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 497 (2007)

Dynamics of dark-bright vector solitons in a birefringent fiber

Hong Li, and Dongning Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 504 (2007)

Fiber Bragg grating pressure sensor with enhanced sensitivity

Wentao Zhang, Lihui Liu, Fang Li, and Yuliang Liu

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 507 (2007)

Speckle reduction of SAR images using ICA basis enhancement and separation

Yutong Li, and Yue Zhou

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 509 (2007)

Rotation-invariant texture analysis using Radon and Fourier transforms

Songshan Xiao, and Yongxing Wu

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 513 (2007)

An acousto-optic Q-switched fiber laser using China-made double-cladding fiber

Hongming Zhao, Qihong Lou, Jun Zhou, Fangpei Zhang, Jingxing Dong, Yunrong Wei, Libo Li, and Zhijiang Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 522 (2007)

Transverse-mode controlling of a large-mode-area multimode fiber laser

Libo Li, Qihong Lou, Jun Zhou, Jingxing Dong, Yunrong Wei, Bing He, and Jinyan Li

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 524 (2007)

Self-collimation in photonic crystals with anisotropic constituents

J. W. Haus, M. Siraj, P. Prasad, and P. Markowicz*

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 527 (2007)

Tissue scattering parameter estimation through scattering phase function measurements by goniometer

Ying Zhu, Zhihua Ding, and Martial Geiser

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 531 (2007)

Experiment study of wavelength conversion in a dispersion-flattened photonic crystal fiber

Qiuguo Wang, Bojun Yang, Lan Zhang, Hu Zhang, and Li He

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 538 (2007)

Characteristics of a PLZT electro-optical deflector

Zuoren Dong, Qing Ye, Ronghui Qu, and Zujie Fang

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 540 (2007)

Strong guiding of light in hollow nanowire structures

Liang Chen, James De Leon, and Xiaomin Jin

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 543 (2007)

Study of white light emission from ZnS/PS composite system

Caifeng Wang, Qingshan Li, Lei Lu, Lichun Zhang, and Hongxia Qi

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 546 (2007)

Image recognition of laser radar using linear SVM correlation filter

Jianfeng Sun, Qi Li, Wei Lu, and Qi Wang

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 549 (2007)

Behaviors of harmonic signals in wavelength-modulated spectroscopy under high absorption strength

Yuntao Wang, Haiwen Cai, Jianxin Geng, Zhengqing Pan, Dijun Chen, and Zujie Fang

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 552 (2007)

Influence of coating material on laser damage threshold of TiO2 films

Jianke Yao, Zhengxiu Fan, Hongbo He, and Jianda Shao

Vol. 5, Issue 9, 556 (2007)