Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2008

<Volume: 6, Issue: 11>

23 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Improved free space optical communications performance by using time diversity

Jing Chen, Yong Ai, and Ying Tan

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 797 (2008)

Energy levels and radiative lifetimes of 3pns 3P0 and 3pnd 3P0 series of Si I

Liang Liang, Chao Zhou, and Ling Zhang

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 804 (2008)

A novel optical burst switching architecture for high speed networks

Amit Kumar and R. S.

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 807 (2008)

A novel method of polarization state control for polarization division multiplexing system

Tiecheng Wang, Shoufeng Lan, Junfeng Jiang, and Tiegen Liu

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 812 (2008)

Design of the target type flowmeter based on fiber Bragg grating and experiment

Xueguang Qiao, Qian Zhang, Haiwei Fu, and Dakuan Yu

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 815 (2008)

A novel fiber-laser-based fiber Bragg grating strain sensor with high-birefringence Sagnac fiber loop mirror

Ou Xu, Shaohua Lu, Suchun Feng, and Shuisheng Jian

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 818 (2008)

Design of broadband nearly-zero flattened dispersion highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber

Shuqin Lou, Hong Fang, Honglei Li, Tieying Guo, Lei Yao, Liwen Wang, Weiguo Chen, and Shuisheng Jian

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 821 (2008)

Improving iris recognition performance via multi-instance fusion at the score level

Fenghua Wang, Xianghua Yao, and Jiuqiang Han

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 824 (2008)

Absolute small-angle measurement based on optical feedback interferometry

Jingang Zhong, Xianhua Zhang, and Zhixiang Ju

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 830 (2008)

Calculation on diffraction aperture of cube corner retroreflector

Song Li, Bei Tang, and Hui Zhou

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 833 (2008)

Investigation of surface acoustic waves in laser shock peened metals

Ling Yuan, Gang Yan, Zhonghua Shen, Hangwei Xu, Xiaowu Ni, and Jian Lu

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 837 (2008)

Laser pulse spectral shaping based on electro-optic modulation

Yanhai Wang, Jiangfeng Wang, You’en Jiang, Yan Bao, Xuechun Li, and Zunqi Lin

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 841 (2008)

Narrow-linewidth single-polarization frequency-modulated Er-doped fiber ring laser

Pan Ou, Yudong Jia, Bin Cao, Chunxi Zhang, Shuling Hu, and Di Feng

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 845 (2008)

Cavity-enhanced laser cooling of solid-state materials in a standing-wave cavity

Youhua Jia, Biao Zhong, and Jianping Yin

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 848 (2008)

Continuous-wave and Q-switched performance of an Yb:YAG/YAG composite thin disk ceramic laser pumped with 970-nm laser diode

Hong Cai, Jun Zhou, Hongming Zhao, Yunfeng Qi, Qihong Lou, Jingxing Dong, and Yunrong Wei

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 852 (2008)

Design and analysis of optically pumped semiconductor VECSEL with ANECz optical control layer

Yuqi Zhou, Dapeng Zhao, Yajuan Li, and Qingxin Yang

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 855 (2008)

Effect of dichroic azo-dye doped on ferroelectric liquid crystals

Yayun Feng and Zhihua Ling

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 858 (2008)

Effect of temperature on three-in-one composite compensator

Qingdian Kong, Lianke Song, Handong Peng, Hailong Wang, Lihua Kong, Congmin Wang, and Lan Wang

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 861 (2008)

Performance testing of log pile photonic crystal fast-fabricated by direct femtosecond laser writing

Haifeng Yang, Ming Zhou, Juan Dai, Jianke Di, and Enlan Zhao

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 864 (2008)

Multi-target real-time ranging with chaotic laser radar

Bingjie Wang, Yuncai Wang, Lingqin Kong, and Anbang Wang

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 868 (2008)

Size measurement of nano-particles using self-mixing effect

Huarui Wang and Jianqi Shen

Vol. 6, Issue 11, 871 (2008)