Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2008

<Volume: 6, Issue: 9>

23 Article(s)

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Influence of turbulent atmosphere on the far-field coherent combined beam quality

Pu Zhou, Zejin Liu, Xiaojun Xu, Xiaolin Wang, Xiao Li, and Zilun Chen

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 625 (2008)

A congestion alleviated scheme in optical burst switching network

Gang Wang, Hongxiang Wang, and Yuefeng Ji

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 628 (2008)

Fiber Bragg grating hydrophone with high sensitivity

Wentao Zhang, Yuliang Liu, and Fang Li

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 631 (2008)

Millimeter-wave modulated optical pulse generated by pulse repetition rate multiplication and temporal Talbot effect

Zhengqing Pan, Qing Ye, Haiwen Cai, Ronghui Qu, and Zujie Fang

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 634 (2008)

Incoherent broadband optical pulse generation using an optical gate

Biao Chen and Qiong Jiang

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 638 (2008)

Central distance of interferential mode patterns of elliptical core two-mode fiber

Archan Kumar and Sourangshu Mukhopadhyay

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 640 (2008)

Analysis of erbium doped holey fiber using fundamental space filling mode

Faramarz E. and Mohammad D.

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 644 (2008)

A gray-natural logarithm ratio bilateral filtering method for image processing

Guannan Chen, Kuntao Yang, Rong Chen, and Zhiming Xie

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 648 (2008)

Two-step image registration by artificial immune system and chamfer matching

Famao Ye, Shaoping Xu, and Yuhong Xiong

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 651 (2008)

New color correction method for multi-view video using disparity vector information

Randi Fu, Feng Shao, Gangyi Jiang, and Mei Yu

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 654 (2008)

A multi-resolution wavelet algorithm for hand vein pattern recognition

Yunxin Wang, Tiegen Liu, and Junfeng Jiang

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 657 (2008)

Correction of ultraviolet single photon counting image distortion

Xinghua Zhang, Baosheng Zhao, Zhenhua Miao, Wei Li, Xiangping Zhu, Yong’an Liu, and Wei Zou

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 661 (2008)

Measurement of thermal expansion coefficient of nonuniform temperature specimen

Jingmin Dai, Chunsuo Xin, and Xiaowa He

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 669 (2008)

Method for rapid measuring retardation of a quarter-wave plate based on simultaneous phase shifting technique

Kun Yang, Aijun Zeng, Xiangzhao Wang, Feng Tang, and Hua Wang

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 673 (2008)

40-GHz wavelength tunable mode-locked SOA-based fiber laser with 40-nm tuning range

Shuangyi Yan, Jianguo Zhang, and Wei Zhao

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 676 (2008)

Frequency stabilization of a single-frequency all-solid-state laser for Doppler wind lidar

Xutao Sun, Jiqiao Liu, Jun Zhou, and Weibiao Chen

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 679 (2008)

Experimental investigation of enhancing the subsurface damage threshold of Nd-doped phosphate glass

Junjiang Hu, Jingxin Yang, Wei Chen, and Changhe Zhou

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 681 (2008)

Dual-dressed four-wave mixing and dressed six-wave mixing in a five-level atomic system

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Vol. 6, Issue 9, 685 (2008)

Impact of propagation effects on intersubband Rabi flopping in semiconductor quantum wells

Xusheng Zhou, Ni Cui, Jifeng Zu, and Shangqing Gong

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 689 (2008)

An all-optical comparison scheme between two multi-bit data with optical nonlinear material

Kuladeep Roy, Abhijit Sinha, and Sourangshu Mukhopadhyay

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 693 (2008)

Field emission digital display tube with nano-graphite film cathode

Jicai Deng, Zhanling Lu, and Binglin Zhang

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 697 (2008)

Study of terahertz pulses at an edge

Zaijun Xi, Xiaohan Yu, and Tiqiao Xiao

Vol. 6, Issue 9, 700 (2008)