Chinese Optics Letters

Phase correction and resolution improvement of digital holographic image in numerical reconstruction with angular multiplexing

Xiaobo Yan, Jianlin Zhao, Jianglei Di, Hongzhen Jiang, and Weiwei Sun

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1072 (2009)

Computer-generated holograms for 3D display

Invited Paper

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1079 (2009)

An enhanced method for fast generation of hologram sub-lines

P. W., J. P., K. W., and T.-C. Poon

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1092 (2009)

Estimation and optimization of computer-generated hologram in null test of freeform surface

Ping Su, Guoguo Kang, Qiaofeng Tan, and Guofan Jin

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1097 (2009)

Optical reconstruction of 3D images by use of pure-phase computer-generated holograms

Hao Zhang, Jinghui Xie, Juan Liu*, and Yongtian Wang**

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1101 (2009)

Holography and speckle in phase-shifting digital holography

Invited Paper

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1104 (2009)

In-line digital holography for dynamic metrology of MEMS

[in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1117 (2009)

One-shot in-line digital holography based Hilbert phase-shifting

Weiqing Pan1*, Wei Lu, Yongjian Zhu, and Jianzhong Wang

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1123 (2009)

Angular effects in digital off-axis holography

Guojun Lai, Gongxin Shen1*, and Reinhard Geisler

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1126 (2009)

Fresnel incoherent correlation hologram-a review

Invited Paper

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1134 (2009)

Generation and motion control of optical multi-vortex

Xuetao Gan, Jianlin Zhao*, Sheng Liu, and Liang Fang

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1142 (2009)

Quality evaluation of phase reconstruction in LED-based digital holography

[in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1146 (2009)

High-quality three-dimensional holographic display with use of multiple fractional Fourier transform

Huadong Zheng*, Yingjie Yu, Tao Wang, and Linmao Dai

Vol. 7, Issue 12, 1151 (2009)