Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2009

<Volume: 7, Issue: 2>

23 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Ultraviolet Raman lidar for high-accuracy profiling of aerosol extinction coefficient

Fei Gao, Xiaoquan Song, Yufeng Wan, Yi Zhou, and Dengxin Hua

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 0295 (2009)

Analysis of normalized throughput in WDM-based coherent time-spreading OCDMA system

Jianhua Ji, Zhiwen Chen, and Ming Xu

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 0298 (2009)

A new family of two-dimensional triple-codeweight asymmetric optical orthogonal code for OCDMA networks

Hongxi Yin, Wei Liang, Le Ma, and Liqiao Qin

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02102 (2009)

Diffractive beam parameters of LP01 mode of fiber

Lianhuang Li and Fuyuan Guo

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02106 (2009)

Characteristic research on mechanically induced long-period fiber gratings

Mingshun Jiang, Dejun Feng, and Qingmei Sui

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02112 (2009)

A plating method for metal coating of fiber Bragg grating

Yulong Li, Hua Zhang, Yan Feng, and Gang Peng

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02115 (2009)

A 7-bit photonic true-time-delay system based on an 8\times8 MOEMS optical switch

Ying Yang, Yi Dong, Dawei Liu, Hao He, Yaohui Jin, and Weisheng Hu

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02118 (2009)

A high sensitive fiber Bragg grating cryogenic temperature sensor

Kuo Li, Zhen'an Zhou, and Aichun Liu

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02121 (2009)

Characteristic of pulsed fiber laser induced by switching time

Hongming Zhao, Qihong Lou, Jun Zhou, Bing He, Jingxing Dong, Yunrong Wei, and Zhijiang Wang

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02124 (2009)

Optically pumped terahertz lasers with high pulse repetition frequency: theory and design

Yude Sun, Shiyou Fu, Jing Wang, Zhenghe Sun, Yanchao Zhang, Zhaoshuo Tian, and Qi Wang

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02127 (2009)

A novel approach to improve the field emission characteristics of printed CNT films

Rujia Zou, Shaolin Xue, and Dayong Li

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02130 (2009)

Evanescent waves of an annular left-handed material lens

Changchun Yan, Yiping Cui, Qiong Wang, and Changgui Lv

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02134 (2009)

Influence of scanning velocity on bovine shank bone ablation with pulsed CO2 laser

Xianzeng Zhang, Shusen Xie, Qing Ye, and Zhenlin Zhan

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02138 (2009)

Design of object surveillance system based on enhanced fish-eye lens

Jianhui Wu, Kuntao Yang, Qiaolian Xiang, and Nanyang Zhang

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02142 (2009)

Grating light modulator for projection display

Jiyong Sun, Shanglian Huang, Jie Zhang, Zhihai Zhang, and Yong Zhu

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02146 (2009)

Nanoscale displacement of the image of an atomic source of radiation

Xin Li, Jie Shu, and Henk F.

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02149 (2009)

Multi-object quantum traveling ballot scheme

Yuan Li and Guihua Zeng

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02152 (2009)

Laser-produced plasma He-alpha source for pulse radiography

Ruirong Wang, Weimin Chen, Chusheng Mao, Jiaqin Dong, and Sizu Fu

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02156 (2009)

Derivative fluorimetry analysis of new cluster structures formed by ethanol and water molecules

Bin Wu, Ying Liu, Caiqin Han, Xiaosen Luo, Jian Lu, and Xiaowu Ni

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02159 (2009)

Influences of Y2O3 dopant content on residual stress, structure, and optical properties of ZrO2 thin films

Qiling Xiao, Shuying Shao, Jianda Shao, and Zhengxiu Fan

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02162 (2009)

Three-dimensional photonic crystals containing designed defects achieved with two-photon photopolymerization

Ming Zhou, Wei Zhang, Junjie Kong, Haifeng Yang, and Lan Cai

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02165 (2009)

Formation of domain reversal by direct irradiation with femtosecond laser in lithium niobate

Haisheng Zhu, Xianfeng Chen, Hongyun Chen, and Xuewei Deng

Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02169 (2009)