Chinese Optics Letters

Measurements of aerosol distribution by an elastic-backscatter lidar in summer 2008 in Beijing

Zhenyi Chen, Wenqing Liu, Yujun Zhang, and Nanjing Zhao

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 753 (2009)

New method for calibration of sun photometers

H. H., and I. G.

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 760 (2009)

Speckle analysis in laser scanning display system

Hong Chang, Wei Huang, Fugui Yang, Hai Ming, and Jianping Xie

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 764 (2009)

Validity condition of separating dispersion of PCFs into material dispersion and geometrical dispersion

Wei Wang, Lantian Hou, Zhaolun Liu, and Guiyao Zhou

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 768 (2009)

Study of mode propagation with 632.8-nm laser in tapered fiber

He Chen, Junliang Lu, Chengliang Zhao, Botao Cheng, and Xuanhui Lu

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 771 (2009)

Theoretical and experimental investigation of the mode-spacing of fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot cavity

Wenhua Ren, Peilin Tao, Zhongwei Tan, Yan Liu, and Shuisheng Jian

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 775 (2009)

Stopping and storing light pulses within a fiber optic ring resonator

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 778 (2009)

A Pan-sharpening method appropriate to vegetation applications

Ying Zhang, Binbin He, and Xiaowen Li

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 781 (2009)

A modif ied image enhancement algorithm based on color constancy

Cheng Li, Shan Gao, and Duyan Bi

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 784 (2009)

A novel method to obtain electronic speckle pattern interferometry fringe patterns with high contrast

Mengwei Li, Chen Tang, Gao Wang, Hongwei Ren, Ke Tang, and Tianyu Ye

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 788 (2009)

Importance of tip sensing for active control system of 30-m RIT primary mirror

Yichun Dai, Zhong Liu, and Zhenyu Jin

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 791 (2009)

A liquid crystal thermography calibration with true color image processing

Yu Rao, Shusheng Zang, and Minghai Huang

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 795 (2009)

A novel accelerometer based on microring resonator

Wenqin Mo, Huaming Wu, Dingshan Gao, and Zhiping Zhou

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 798 (2009)

Continuous-wave green laser of 34 W by intracavity frequency doubling in diode-side-pumped Nd:YAG/KTP

Huiyun Zhang, Yuping Zhang, Xiaoling Tan, Youfu Geng, Kai Zhong, Xifu Li, Peng Wang, and Jianquan Yao

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 802 (2009)

Passively Q-switched laser with single longitudinal mode based on the frequency selection of grating and F-P etalon in twisted-mode folded cavity

Bao’an Song, Weijiang Zhao, Deming Ren, Yanchen Qu, Heyong Zhang, Liming Qian, and Xiaoyong Hu

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 805 (2009)

High speed and wide temperature range uncooled 1.3-\mu m ridge waveguide DFB lasers

Dingli Wang, Ning Zhou, Ruikang Zhang, Xiaodong Huang, Linsong Li, Jun Zhang, Shan Jiang, and Jing Shi

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 809 (2009)

20-kHz watt-level green laser with LGS crystal electro-optic Q-switch

Hao Tang, Xiaolei Zhu, Junqing Meng, and Huaguo Zang

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 812 (2009)

589-nm yellow laser generation by intra-cavity sum-frequency mixing in a T-shaped Nd:YAG laser cavity

Xiuyan Chen, Xiu Li, Haolei Zhang, Haowei Chen, Jintao Bai, and Zhaoyu Ren

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 815 (2009)

Dielectric coatings for optimized low-loss saturable absorbers for high-power ultrafast laser

Liang Zhang, Farina K?nig, Joerg Neuhaus, Dominik Bauer, Thomas Dekorsy, and Yafu Chen

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 819 (2009)

Light-controlled mass formation of aggregates of molecules in organic compounds

Tariel D., Nadia A., Giorgi A., and Enriko S.

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 823 (2009)

Fenestration operation in middle ear bone with pulsed infrared lasers: an in-vivo study

Xianzeng Zhang, Xiaoyan Wang, Zhenlin Zhan, Qing Ye, and Shusen Xie

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 830 (2009)

Evolutions of matter-wave bright soliton with spatially modulated nonlinearity

Yongshan Cheng, and Fei Liu

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 834 (2009)

Analyzing and tailoring spectra of arbitrary microring resonator arrays based on six transfer cells and simulated annealing algorithm

Xiaobei Zhang, Yunhong Ding, Wei Hong, Xinliang Zhang, and Dexiu Huang

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 841 (2009)

Large negative Goos-H?nchen shift from a wedge-shaped thin film

Jianping Bai, and Yaoju Zhang

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 845 (2009)

Negative refraction and subwavelength imaging of a photonic-crystal slab for the frequencies in the third band

Shuai Feng, Cheng Ren, Degang Xu, and Yiquan Wang

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 849 (2009)

Fractal dimension of scattering equivalent section of aerosol and its calibration mechanism

Fang Gu, Jiahong Zhang, and Yulin Chen

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 857 (2009)

Czerny-Turner imaging spectrometer for broadband spectral simultaneity

Qingsheng Xue, Shurong Wang, and Futian Li

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 861 (2009)

Plasma channel formed by ultraviolet laser pulses at 193 nm in air

Yuanyuan Ma, Xin Lu, Tingting Xi, Qihuang Gong, and Jie Zhang

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 865 (2009)

Color appearance and visual measurements for color samples with gloss effect

Jian Ma, Haisong Xu, M. Ronnier, and Guihua Cui

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 869 (2009)

An adaptively spatial color gamut mapping algorithm

Xiandou Zhang, and Haisong Xu

Vol. 7, Issue 9, 873 (2009)