Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2010

<Volume: 8, Issue: s1>

57 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Coatings and color: the early days

Angus Macleod

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 1 (2010)

Transmittance measurements on variable coatings with enhanced spatial resolution

Anna K. Sytchkova, Jiri Bulir, and Angela M. Piegari

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 103 (2010)

Options for polarization of probe beam in photothermal detuning technique

Honggang Hao, Bincheng Li, Wenliang Wang, and Bo Yin

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 108 (2010)

A large-stage atomic force microscope for nondestructive characterization of optical thin films

Zhigang Xie, Dongxian Zhang, and Haijun Zhang

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 111 (2010)

Spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry for characterization of nanofilm pattern on Si substrate

Yonghong Meng, She Chen, and Gang Jin

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 114 (2010)

Options for reststrahlen materials in optical surfaces and f ilters

S. Zhao, and C-G. Ribbing

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 119 (2010)

Design of dispersive mirrors for ultrafast applications

M. K. Trubetskov

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 12 (2010)

Optimized PVD materials for coatings on plastics

Markus Stolze

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 125 (2010)

Properties and limitations of chalcogenide films

M. Cathelinaud, V. Nazabal, F. Charpentier, J. L. Adam, K. Fedus, G. Boudebs, M. Chauvet, G. Fanjou, K. P. Huy, T. Billeton, S. P. Gorza, and W. D. Shen

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 127 (2010)

Investigation of infrared transmittivity of Y2O3/diamond films

Rongfa Chen, Zhaoxia Shen, Lianggang Dai, Xianliang Zhang, Rui Zhu, and Dunwen Zuo

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 130 (2010)

Structure and features of SnO2 thin films prepared by RF reactive sputtering

Tailong Gui, Long Hao, Jianmin Wang, Lipeng Yuan, Wei Jia, and Xiaoli Dong

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 134 (2010)

VOx films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering

Xu Yang, Changlong Cai, Shun Zhou, Huan Liu, and Weiguo Liu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 137 (2010)

High power laser components

Detlev Ristau, and Henrik Ehlers

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 140 (2010)

All-dispersive-mirror compressor

V. Pervak

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 152 (2010)

High-damage-threshold broadband chirped mirror

Jinlong Zhang, Xinbin Chen, and Zhanshan Wang

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 156 (2010)

Constructing multilayers with absorbing materials

Juan I. Larruquert, Manuela Vidal-Dasilva, Sergio Garc?a-Cortes, Monica Fernandez-Perea, Jose A. Mendez, and Jose A. Aznarez

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 159 (2010)

Development of non-periodic multilayer in the EUV, soft X-ray, and X-ray ranges

Zhanshan Wang, Jingtao Zhu, Baozhong Mu, Zhong Zhang, Fengli Wang, Xinbin Cheng, Fangfang Wang, and Lingyan Chen

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 163 (2010)

Space environment experiments on Mo/Si and SiC/Mg multilayers for astronomical observation

Jingtao Zhu, Haochuan Li, Xiaoqiang Wang, Qiushi Huang, Zhanshan Wang, Yizhou Li, Hongjie Li, Daorong Wang, Juyan Zhao, and Wei Lu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 167 (2010)

Determination of fine layer structure in Ni/C multilayer using soft X-ray resonant reflectivity

Songwen Deng, Hongji Qi, Chaoyang Wei, Kui Yi, Zhengxiu Fan, and Jianda Shao

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 170 (2010)

Multilayer Laue lens for focusing X-ray into nanometer size

Jingtao Zhu, Qiushi Huang, Haochuan Li, Jing Xu, Xiaoqiang Wang, Zhong Zhang, Zhanshan Wang, and Lingyan Chen

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 174 (2010)

Plasma processes for modifying optical properties of polymers

U. Schulz, P. Munzert, N. Bollwahn, and N. Kaiser

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 177 (2010)

Design and analysis of different types of dispersion mirrors

Yanzhi Wang, Jianda Shao, Weili Zhang, Chaoyang Wei, Jianbin Huang, Yunxia Jin, Kui Yi, and Zhengxiu Fan

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 18 (2010)

Optical filters for space applications

Angela M. Piegari

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 180 (2010)

Surface modification on a silicon carbide mirror for space application

Tongtong Wang, Jinsong Gao, Xiaoyi Wang, Hong Chen, and Xuanming Zheng

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 183 (2010)

In situ optical monitor system for CIGS solar cell applications

Bin Fan, and Takehiko Nagai

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 186 (2010)

Optical fiber sensors based on Fabry-Perot multilayer coatings

Minghong Yang, Yan Sun, Xiaobin Li, and Desheng Jiang

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 189 (2010)

Narrowband multi-channel filters

Hongfei Jiao, Xinbin Cheng, Tao Ding, Ganghua Bao, Xiaodong Wang, Pengfei He, and Yonggang Wu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 192 (2010)

Antistatic and antireflection coating using indium tin oxide prepared by magnetron reactive sputtering

Haixing Chen, Yuyong Huang, Xuanqian Xu, and Shengyuan Bai

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 201 (2010)

Study on visible range beam splitter and 1570 nm high reflectivity film in a cemented cube

Jiaxin Li, Yaonan Zhu, Jinyi Mao, and Jianjun Tu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 204 (2010)

Analysis and fabrication of antireflection coating with ultralow residual reflectance for single wavelength

Huasong Liu, Yiqin Ji, Zhanshan Wang, Deying Chen, Dandan Liu, Ri Wang, Zhengxiang Shen, Bin Ma, and Fuhao Jiang

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 207 (2010)

Patterning of PZT thin films

Changlong Cai, Jing Huang, Yujia Zhai, Weihong Ma, and Weiguo Liu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 210 (2010)

Microdeposition of 3D structure on f ilm surface using micropipette

Yage Zhou, Dongxian Zhang, and Haijun Zhang

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 213 (2010)

Patterning process of SiO2 film and fabrication of Si V-groove

Jun’e Liu, Zhongda Guo, Weiguo Liu, and Huan Liu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 216 (2010)

Study on fabrication process of micro-bridge structure arrays based on amorphous silicon films

Huan Liu, Shanshan Wang, Changlong Cai, Shun Zhou, and Weiguo Liu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 218 (2010)

Exact and numerical design of non-polarizing edge filters

Yiqin Ji, Deying Chen, Huasong Liu, Zhanshan Wang, Wei Hong, and Dandan Liu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 25 (2010)

Design of shallow-etched multilayer dielectric grating with –1st order high diffraction efficiency

Jianpeng Wang, Yunxia Jin, Shijie Liu, Jianda Shao, and Zhengxiu Fan

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 29 (2010)

Design of ZnS-Ag color filters for white LED display

Jiang Wu, Weidong Shen, Haifeng Li, Xu Liu, and Peifu Gu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 32 (2010)

Manufacturing of precision optical coatings

Markus K. Tilsch, Marius Grigonis, and Georg J. Ockenfuss

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 38 (2010)

In situ ellipsometric monitoring of complex multilayer designs

Svetlana Dligatch

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 44 (2010)

Atomic layer deposition for industrial optical coatings

Jarmo Maula

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 53 (2010)

Adaptive manufacturing of high-precision optics based on virtual deposition and hybrid process control techniques

H. Ehlers, S. Schlichting, C. Schmitz, and D. Ristau

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 62 (2010)

Density and refractive index of thin evaporated films

Dieter Mergel, and Martin Jerman

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 67 (2010)

A journey from ancient China: bronze mirrors to picometer-shaped interference coatings

Norbert Kaiser, Martin Bischoff, Torsten Feigl, Ulrike Schulz, and Sergiy Yulin

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 7 (2010)

Characterization of metal-oxide thin films deposited by plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering

Stefan Jakobs, Marc Lappschies, Uwe Schallenberg, Olaf Stenzel, and Steffen Wilbrandt

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 73 (2010)

Different techniques of alumina film deposition

Zhihong Zhao, Yiqin Ji, Dandan Liu, and Jie Zong

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 83 (2010)

Investigation on initial oxidation kinetics of Al, Ni, and Hf metal film surfaces

Shigeng Song, and Frank Placido

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 87 (2010)

Epitaxial growth of low dislocation Ge thin films on Si (001) substrates using a Si-Ge intermediate layer

Chong Zhang, Hui Ye, Lei Zhang, Yourui Huangfu, Xu Liu, and Jinzhong Yu

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 91 (2010)

Optical feedback cavity ring-down technique for high reflectivity measurement

Bincheng Li, Zhechao Qu, Yanling Han, Lifeng Gao, and Linghui Li

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 94 (2010)

Dispersive white-light spectral interferometer for optical properties measurement of optical thin films

Zhengyue Luo, Xu Liu, Shuna Zhang, Weidong Shen, Cen Xia, and Yi Yin

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 99 (2010)

3D Holographic Display

Analysis of the magnitude and distribution of low loss thin film

Dandan Liu, Huasong Liu, Yiqin Ji, Fuhao Jiang, and Deying Chen

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 105 (2010)

Design of broadband and wide-angle antireflection for solar cells

Wenliang Wang, and Honggang Hao

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 35 (2010)

Plasma ion-assisted deposition in UV filters

Xiaojun Yin, Shuaifeng Zhao, Shuguo Fei, Peng Gao, Ruisheng Wang, Jing Ma, Shu Song, and Bangjun Liao

Vol. 8, Issue s1, 59 (2010)