Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2011

<Volume: 9, Issue: 10>

24 Article(s)

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Optical characterization of antimony-based bismuth-doped thin films with different annealing temperatures

Xinmiao Lu, Yiqun Wu, Yang Wang, and Jinsong Wei

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 102101 (2011)


Theoretical optimization of the characteristics of ZnO metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors

Ghania Harzallah and Mohamed Remram

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100401 (2011)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Design of polarization-maintaining retro-reflector for folded-path applications

Zhen Guo1, Lianshan Yan, Wei Pan, Bin Luo, Kunhua Wen, and X. Steve

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100601 (2011)

Collisions between two dissipative optical bullets separated in space

Ya Li, Long Luo, and Yi Tang

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100602 (2011)

Signaling-based path-segment protection in mesh optical networks

Yueming Lu, Chao Zou, Qiushi Wang, and Yuefeng Ji

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100603 (2011)

Compact FBG diaphragm accelerometer based on L-shaped rigid cantilever beam

Yinyan Weng, Xueguang Qiao, Zhongyao Feng, Manli Hu, Jinghua Zhang, and Yang Yang

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100604 (2011)

Fiber-optic surface plasmon resonant sensor with low-index anti-oxidation coating

Yong Chen, Rongsheng Zheng, Yonghua Lu, Pei Wang, and Hai Ming

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100605 (2011)

SAC-OCDM/TDM system for upgrading the TDM PON

He Chen, Shilin Xiao, Lilin Yi, Yi Dong, and Weisheng Hu

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100606 (2011)

160-Gb/s polarization-multiplexing optical NRZ-DQPSK transmission using differential detection

He Wen, Jinxin Liao, Xiaoping Zheng, and Hanyi Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100607 (2011)

Reusable glucose fiber sensor for measuring glucose concentration in serum

Cheng-Chih Hsu, Yi-Cheng Chen, Ju-Yi Lee, and Chyan-Chyi Wu

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100608 (2011)

Highly birefringent octagonal photonic crystal fibers with two zero-dispersion wavelengths

Changming Xia, Guiyao Zhou, Ying Han, and Lantian Hou

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 100609 (2011)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Precise force measurement method by a Y-shaped cavity dual-frequency laser

Guangzong Xiao, Xingwu Long, Bin Zhang, and Geng Li

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 101201 (2011)

Non-scanning, non-interferometric, three-dimensional optical prof ilometer with nanometer resolution

Chen-Tai Tan, Yuan-Sheng Chan, Jhao-An Chen, Teh-Chao Liao, and Ming-Hung Chiu

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 101202 (2011)

Lasers and laser optics

Coherent beam combination of two slab laser amplifiers based on stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm

Xiao Li, Xiaolin Dong, Hu Xiao, Xiaolin Wang, and Xiaojun Xu

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 101401 (2011)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Asymmetric dif fusion model for oblique-incidence reflectometry

Yaqin Chen, Liji Cao, and Liqun Sun

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 101701 (2011)

Nonlinear optics

Analysis of ultra-broadband high-energy optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier based on YCOB crystal

Meizhi Sun, Lailin Ji, Qunyu Bi, Nannan Wang, Jun Kang, Xinglong Xie, and Zunqi Lin

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 101901 (2011)

Observation of enhanced two-photon absorption in ZnS quantum dots at an ultraviolet wavelength

P. Kumbhakar, M. Chattopadhyay, R. Sarkar, and U. Chatterjee

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 101902 (2011)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Novel magnetorheological f iguring of KDP crystal

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Vol. 9, Issue 10, 102201 (2011)

Optical devices

Accuracy and analysis of long-radius measurement with long trace profiler

Haixian Ye and Liming Yang

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 102301 (2011)


Thin films

Thermomechanical analysis of nodule damage in HfO2/SiO2 multilayer coatings

Yongguang Shan, Hongbo He, Chaoyang Wei, Ying Wang, and Yuan'an Zhao

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 103101 (2011)

Intrinsic ZnO f ilms fabricated by DC sputtering from oxygen-def icient targets for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cell application

Chongyin Yang, Dongyun Wan, Zhou Wang, and Fuqiang Huang

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 103102 (2011)

Accumulation effect of SiO2 protective layer on multi-shot laser-induced damage in high-reflectivity HfO2/SiO2 coatings

Ying Wang, Hongbo He, Yuan'an Zhao, Yongguang Shan, and Chaoyang Wei

Vol. 9, Issue 10, 103103 (2011)