Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2011

<Volume: 9, Issue: 12>

19 Article(s)

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3d imaging and display

Image design for normal viewing image-plane disk-type multiplex hologram

Chih-Hung Chen and Yih-Shyang Cheng

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120003 (2011)

3D visualization using pulsed and CW digital holographic tomography techniques (Invited Paper)

G. Nehmetallah, P. P., D. Ferree, R. Kephart, and S. Praharaj

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120004 (2011)

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Analytical potential energy function and spectroscopy parameters for B1\Pi state of KH

Jingjuan Liang, Chuanlu Yang, Lizhi Wang, and Qinggang Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120201 (2011)

Computer-generated holography

Enhanced method for the generation of binary Fresnel holograms based on grid-cross downsampling

W. K., Peter Tsang, T. C., and Changhe Zhou

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120005 (2011)

Computer-generated image hologram

Takeshi Yamaguchi and Hiroshi Yoshikawa

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120006 (2011)

Weighting IFT algorithm for of f-axis quantized kinoforms of binary objects

Jin-Tae Kim, Pavlo Iezhov, and Alexander Kuzmenko

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120007 (2011)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Gigabit-converged wired and wireless networks for simultaneous multi-services transmission

Liwei Yang, Xiaoping Zheng, Xin Zhou, He Wen, Hanyi Zhang, Yili Guo, and Bingkun Zhou

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120601 (2011)

10 Gb/s symmetric WDM-PON using stable multi-longitudinal mode Brillouin/SOA fiber laser as upstream colorless source

Lilin Yi, Zhengxuan Li, Tao Zhang, Dong Lin, Yi Dong, and Weisheng Hu

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120603 (2011)

Holographic reconstruction, display,and projection

Complex light modulation for lensless image projection

M. Makowski, A. Siemion, I. Ducin, K. Kakarenko, M. Sypek, A. M., J. Suszek, D. Wojnowski, Z. Jaroszewicz, and A. Kolodziejczyk

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120008 (2011)

Image processing

Resolution enhancement with improved range Doppler algorithm in high numerical aperture OCT

Xiaodong Chen, Yong Lei, Yi Wang, and Daoyin Yu

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 121001 (2011)

Integral imaging

Phase-only hologram generation based on integral imaging and its enhancement in depth resolution

Jiwoon Yeom, Jisoo Hong, Jae-Hyun Jung, Keehoon Hong, Jae-Hyeung Park, and Byoungho Lee

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120009 (2011)

Lasers and laser optics

Experimental study on injection-locked Ti:sapphire lasers

Qinghong Zhou, Maofei Yao, Zhihong Zhou, and Xinye Xu

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 121401 (2011)


Sensitizing effect of Nd3+ on the Er3+:2.7 \mu m-emission in fluorophosphate glass

Lei Wen, Jianrong Wang, Lili Hu, and Liyan Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 121601 (2011)


Reflective point-dif fraction microscopic interferometer with long-term stability (Invited Paper)

Rongli Guo, Baoli Yao, Peng Gao, Junwei Min, Juanjuan Zheng, and Tong Ye

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 120002 (2011)

Nonlinear optics

Observation of two multiwave mixing processes via dualoptical pumping channels

Shuli Huo, Zhaoyang Zhang, Zhenkun Wu, Huaibin Zheng, Taikun Liu, Xinxin Xue, Jianping Song, and Yanpeng Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue 12, 121902 (2011)

Optical trapping