Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2011

<Volume: 9, Issue: s1>

39 Article(s)

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Femtosecond, High Power Lasers

Intense Bessel femtosecond pulse propagation in dispersive Kerr medium

Zhenming Song and Takashi Nakajima

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10101 (2011)

Generation, Detection, and Propagation of Terahertz Waves

Study on nonlinear processes affecting terahertz radiation generation from undoped GaP crystal

Feng Liu, Yanfeng Li, Qirong Xing, Changlei Wang, Minglie Hu, Lu Chai, and Chingyue Wang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10201 (2011)

Study on the transmission characteristic of terahertz pulse through packing materials

Jia Liu, Wenhui Fan, and Bing Xue

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10202 (2011)

Terahertz radiation from InN by femtosecond optical pulses of different wavelengths

Haiyan Wang, Guozhong Zhao, and Xinqiang Wang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10203 (2011)

Transmitted properties of terahertz wave through metallic hole arrays

Dong Li, Shiwei Shu, Fangfang Li, Guohong Ma, Jin Ge, Shuhong Hu, and Ning Dai

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10204 (2011)

Generation of tunable dual-wavelength optical short pulses for the generation and modulation of terahertz radiation

Jiayuan He, Qingyuan Miao, Jian He, and Xueming Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10205 (2011)

THz modulating property of vanadium oxide films

Changlei Wang, Jianqiang Gu, Qirong Xing, Feng Liu, Yanfeng Li, Lu Chai, and Qingyue Wang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10207 (2011)

High Speed Diagnostics, Image Processing, and Data Analysis

Optimal design of temporal resolution of soft X-ray picosecond framing cameras based on micro-channel plate

Wenzheng Yang, Yonglin Bai, Xiaohong Bai, Junjun Qin, Baiyu Liu, and Bo Wang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10301 (2011)

Optical image operation based on holographic polarization multiplexing of fulgide film

Yingli Wang, Baoli Yao, Neimule Menke, Yi Chen, and Meigong Fan

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10302 (2011)

Diagnostics of air plasma ablated by 1064 nm laser pulses

Wenfeng Luo, Wei Zhao, Yixiang Duan, and Haojing Wang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10303 (2011)

Design and implementation of high-speed multiwavelength pyrometry measurement system based on CMOS image sensor

Bo Wang, Yonglin Bai, Baiyu Liu, Xiaohong Bai, Wenzheng Yang, Junjun Qin, and Yongsheng Gou

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10304 (2011)

Theoretic analysis on mutual injection phase-locking fiber laser array

Liang Zhou, Kailiang Duan, and Wei Zhao

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10305 (2011)

All-digital pulse generator for gradually modulated semiconductor laser

Zhiyuan Song, Li Feng, Shaolan Zhu, Haodong He, Cunxiao Gao, and Linquan Niu

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10306 (2011)

Study on the circuit producing high-speed pulse with high peak current

Deke Yan, Yongsheng Gou, Zhiyuan Song, Chuandong Sun, and Shaolan Zhu

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10307 (2011)

High-speed dynamic spectrum data acquisition system based on linear CCD

Jinkun Zheng, Yonglin Bai, Bo Wang, Baiyu Liu, Yongsheng Gou, and Hui Liu

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10308 (2011)

Improvement methods of reflective photocathode QE of X-ray frame camera

Xiaohong Bai, Yonglin Bai, Zhurong Cao, Junping Zhao, Baiyu Liu, Junjun Qin, Bo Wang, Wenzheng Yang, Yongsheng Gou, and Xianouyang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10309 (2011)


Covering a fiber taper with a refractive index matching gel residue: a significant increase in evanescent-wave signal collection efficiency

Huacai Chen, Jianjun Ma, Jiahua Chen, Wojtek J. Bock, and Andrea Cusano

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10701 (2011)

Research on the Moire fringes formed by circular and linear grating

Xiaoyu Chen, Jinbo Su, Xiangqun Cao, Bin Lin, and Bo Yuan

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10702 (2011)

White light-emitting diode based on Multi-core/shell CdSe/ZnS quantum dots

Changyu Shen, Ke Li, and Jiangzhou Ming

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10703 (2011)

P-09 laser ablation performance of double glow discharge sputter deposition Mo on titanium alloy surface

Shunqi Zhang, Gaohui Zhang, Guoqing Huang, Pinze Zhang, Peng Xu, Gen Li, and Mingzhou Yu

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10704 (2011)

Determination of chemical oxygen demand in water using near-infrared transmission and UV absorbance method

Guoqing Wu, Weihong Bi, Jiaming Lv, and Guangwei Fu

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10705 (2011)

Development of a portable NIR rice wine analyzer

Liyi Jiang, Huacai Chen, and Bo Cai

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10706 (2011)

Terahertz Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Composite metamaterials with tunable chiral properties at terahertz frequencies

Jiaguang Han, Zhen Tian, Jianqiang Gu, Mingxia He, and Weili Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10401 (2011)

Simulation and experiments for a broadband terahertz absorber

Dainan Zhang, Qiye Wen, and Yunsong Xie

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10402 (2011)

Terahertz superconducting plasmonic crystals

Zhen Tian, Jiaguang Han, Jianqiang Gu, Mingxia He, Qirong Xing, and Weili Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10403 (2011)

Systematic studies of terahertz metamaterials fabricated on thin Mylar film

Jianqiang Gu, Changlei Wang, Zhen Tian, Feng Liu, Xueqian Zhang, Jiaguang Han, Mingxia He, Qirong Xing, Weili Zhang, Lu Chai, and Qingyue Wang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10404 (2011)

Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging

Rapid data acquisition in terahertz imaging

Bing Xue, Wenhui Fan, and Yuqing Liang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10501 (2011)

Terahertz spectra of edible pigments

Shengbo Zhang, Guozhong Zhao, and Xinying Zhao

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10502 (2011)

Study on the THz spectra of four kinds of Nipagin esters

He Wang and Guozhong Zhao

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10503 (2011)

Terahertz TDS signal de-noising using wavelet shrinkage

Yuqing Liang, Wenhui Fan, and Bing Xue

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10504 (2011)

Identification of pour point depressant by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

Hui Zhao, Lu Tian, Kun Zhao, Qingli Zhou, Yulei Shi, Dongmei Zhao, Songqing Zhao, and Cunlin Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10505 (2011)

Study on benzoic acid by THz time-domain spectroscopy and density functional theory

Zhuanping Zheng, Wenhui Fan, and Bing Xue

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10506 (2011)

Terahertz spectroscopy studies of far-infrared optical and dielectric signatures of melamine

Mingxia He, Jiaguang Han, Meng Li, Zhen Tian, Yanjun Yu, and Weili Zhang

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10507 (2011)

Ultrafast Phenomena in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Real-time vibrational mode-coupling observed using a few-cycle pulse laser

Juan Du and Takayoshi Kobayashi

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10601 (2011)

Mathematical representation and experimental generation of cylindrical vector beams

Tao Duan, Pengcheng Jin, and Chunfang Li

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10602 (2011)

Tunable sub-40 fs ultraviolet pulses from non-collinear four-wave mixing in CaF2 crystal

Yongliang Jiang, Baozhen Zhao, Keiichi Sueda, Noriaki Miyanaga, and T. Kobayashi

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10604 (2011)

Ultrafast dynamics of excited state in oxy-hemoglobin

Takayoshi Kobayashi and Atsushi Yabushita

Vol. 9, Issue s1, s10605 (2011)