Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2012

<Volume: 10, Issue: 12>

26 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Atmospheric and oceanic optics

Real-time measurement of atmospheric parameters for the 127-element adaptive optics system of 1.8-m telescope

Jie Mu, Wenjia Zheng, Mei Li, and Changhui Rao

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120101 (2012)


Photonic generation of amplitude- and phase-modulated microwave signals with frequency and modulation bit-rate tunability

Shuang Liu, Zuping Qian, Rong Wang, Tao Pu, and Tao Fang

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120401 (2012)

Diffraction and gratings

Characterizing topological charge of optical vortex using non-uniformly distributed multi-pinhole plate

Lei Shi, Linghao Tian, and Xianfeng Chen

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120501 (2012)

Multi-spot focusing by using composite spiral zone plates

Yilei Hua, Ziqiang Wang, Hailiang Li, Nan Gao, and Yuchan Du

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120502 (2012)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Quadrature imbalance compensation algorithm based on statistical properties of signals in CO-QPSK system

Yaojun Qiao, Yanfei Xu, Lujiao Li, and Yuefeng Ji

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120601 (2012)

Optical MIMO transmission for SCFDM-PON based on polarization interleaving

Bangjiang Lin, Juhao Li, Hui Yang, Lixin Zhu, Yongqi He, and Zhangyuan Chen

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120602 (2012)

Cascaded PCF tapers for flat broadband supercontinuum generation

Haihuan Chen, Zilun Chen, Xuanfeng Zhou, and Jing Hou

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 120603 (2012)

Imaging systems

Phase retrieval for hard X-ray computed tomography of samples with hybrid compositions

Huiqiang Liu, Yuqi Ren, Han Guo, Yanling Xue, Honglan Xie, Tiqiao Xiao, and Xizeng Wu

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121101 (2012)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Phase invariance in a recently proposed common-path laser interferometer

Can Feng, Lifeng Li, and Lijiang Zeng

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121201 (2012)

In situ aberration measurement technique based on multi-illumination settings and principal component analysis of aerial images

Dongbo Xu, Xiangzhao Wang, Yang Bu, Lifeng Duan, Guanyong Yan, Jishuo Yang, and Anatoly Y.

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121202 (2012)

Lasers and laser optics

Realization of a low threshold multiwavelength brillouin/erbium f iber laser by optimizing the reflected power

A. W., A. F., M. A., M. H., and M. Mokhtar

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121401 (2012)

High-peak-power, single-mode, nanosecond pulsed, all-fiber laser for high resolution 3D imaging LIDAR system

Jian Yun, Cunxiao Gao, Shaolan Zhu, Chuandong Sun, Haodong He, Li Feng, Lijun Dong, and Linquan Niu

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121402 (2012)

Diode-pumped passively mode-locked femtosecond Yb:(Y0.9La0.1)2O3 ceramic laser

Jiangfeng Zhu, Zhaohua Wang, Qing Wang, Zhiguo Zhang, Qiuhong Yang, Junhong Yang, Yunfeng Ma, and Zhiyi Wei

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121403 (2012)

Self-mixing interferometry based on nanometer fringes and polarization flipping

Zhaoli Zeng, Shulian Zhang, Shoushen Zhu, Wenxue Chen, and Yan Li

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121404 (2012)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Studying murine hindlimb ischemia by photoacoustic microscopy

Shuoqi Ye, Junyu Yang, Jianzhong Xi, Qiushi Ren, and Changhui Li

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 121701 (2012)

Nonlinear optics


Improved nonvolatile holographic storage sensitivity of near-stoichiometric LiNbO3:Fe:Mn crystals

Xiaochun Li, Dengxue Qu, Wenjie Wang, Xuejiao Zhao, Lingling Zhang, and Xuejuan Meng

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 122101 (2012)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Optical devices

Enhanced slow light propagation in photonic crystal waveguides using angular properties of scatter elements

Daobin Wang, Jie Zhang, Yongli Zhao, Sai Chen, Lihua Yuan, Jingli Lei, Cairong Zhang, and Shanglin Hou

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 122301 (2012)


Improvement of InGaAs/GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers by post-oxidation annealing

Changling Yan, Yun Deng, Peng Li, Xiaomao Song, and Jianwei Shi

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 122501 (2012)

Quantum Optics

Multicolor coherence-induced negative refraction in three-level atomic system

Hongju Guo, Hongjun Zhang, Chunfang Wang, and Yu Chen

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 122701 (2012)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

High-temperature reflective sensor based on single fusion-splicing f iber taper without coating

Yingyu Yu, Lan Jiang, Benye Li, Sumei Wang, and Hongbin Wu

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 122801 (2012)

Delayed range-gating super-resolution imaging lidar with high accuracy

Long Wu, Yong Zhang, Lu Cao, Ning Zhao, Jie Wu, and Yuan Zhao

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 122802 (2012)

Ultrafast Optics

Multi-wavelength pulse generation using flattop optical frequency comb and arrayed waveguide grating

Yujie Dou, Hongming Zhang, and Minyu Yao

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 123201 (2012)

Few-cycle mid-infrared pulse full characterization in single shot

Canhua Xu, Chuang Li, Liwei Song, Ding Wang, and Yuxin Leng

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 123202 (2012)

X-ray Optics

Small d-spacing WSi2/Si multilayers for X-ray monochromators

Qiushi Huang, Haochuan Li, Jingtao Zhu, Zhanshan Wang, and Yongjian Tang

Vol. 10, Issue 12, 123401 (2012)