Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2013

<Volume: 11, Issue: 12>

24 Article(s)

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Terahertz emission by balanced nonlinear effects in air plasma

Rongjie Xu, Ya Bai, Liwei Song, Na Li, Peng Peng, and Peng Liu

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 123002 (2013)

Atmospheric and oceanic optics

Measuring atmospheric turbulence strength based on differential imaging of light column

Honghua Huang, Chaolong Cui, Wenyue Zhu, Zaihong Hou, Yi Wu, and Ruizhong Rao

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 120101 (2013)

Diffraction and gratings

Light trapping enhancement in thin film silicon solar cells with different front and back grating periodicities

Renchen Liu, Zihuan Xia, Yonggang Wu, Hongfei Jiao, Zhaoming Liang, and Jian Zhou

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 120501 (2013)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Tunable multi-wavelength microwave photonic filter based on the superposition of transfer functions

Yang Yu, Xiaoping Zheng, Hanyi Zhang, and Bingkun Zhou

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 120601 (2013)

Remotely pumped EDFA-based 40-Gb/s downstream and 10-Gb/s upstream long-reach WDM PON employing RSOA and FBG equalizer

Zhiguo Zhang, Zhihui Cao, Xue Chen, Liqian Wang, and Min Zhang

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 120602 (2013)

Dual-wavelength fiber grating laser in linear overlapping cavity

Yaqian Ding, Yunfeng Qi, Yuan Liu, Fuyang Jia, Kejia Wang, Xijia Gu, and Jun Zhou

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 120603 (2013)

Refractive index and temperature sensor based on cladding-mode Bragg grating excited by abrupt taper interferometer

Shen Yang, Hao Sun, Liutong Yuan, Xiaolei Zhang, Libin Zhou, and Manli Hu

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 120604 (2013)

Imaging systems

Multi-view 3D display with high brightness based on a parallax barrier

Guojiao Lv, Qionghua Wang, Jun Wang, and Wuxiang Zhao

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121101 (2013)

Efficient autofocus method for sequential automatic capturing of high-magnification microscopic images

Santiago Tello-Mijares, Francisco Flores, Jesus Bescos, and Edgar Valdez

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121102 (2013)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Consistency proof of two denoising methods and the parameter selection of PDE filtering method for ESPI

Zhitao Xiao, Quan Yuan, Fang Zhang, Jun Wu, Lei Geng, Zhenbei Xu, and Jiangtao Xi

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121201 (2013)

Lasers and laser optics

Tapered Bragg reflection waveguide edge emitting lasers with near circular twin-beam emission

Ye Yang, Cunzhu Tong, Lijie Wang, Yugang Zeng, Junsheng Cao, Biao Wang, and Lijun Wang

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121401 (2013)

Development of a frequency-stabilized 555.8-nm laser

Min Zhou, Liangyu Huang, and Xinye Xu

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121402 (2013)

Fluorescence spectrum, thermal properties, and continuous-wave laser performance of the mixed crystal Nd:Lu0.99La0.01VO4

Yunzheng Wang, Bin Zhao, Zhuang Zhuo, Jingxuan Wang, Liqiang Zhang, Huabing Qin, and Jianzhong Chen

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121404 (2013)

Spatial and temporal distribution of Q-switched laser pulses in multimode regimes

Ming Yin, Guoying Feng, Shutong Wang, Huomu Yang, and Shouhuan Zhou

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121405 (2013)

Transverse mode transition and LG01-mode generation in an end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser

Yao Yao, Kegui Xia, Minqiang Kang, Zhiqiang Fang, and Jianlang Li

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121406 (2013)


Emission enhancement in Er3+/Pr3+-codoped germanate glasses and their use as a 2.7-mm laser material

Xiangtan Li, Xueqiang Liu, Liyan Zhang, Lili Hu, and Junjie Zhang

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 121601 (2013)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Innovative coupler design based on a tapered light pipe with lens

Allen Jong-Woei, Shih-Min Chao, Chun-Han Chou, Chia-Min Lin, Cheng-Ming Chang, Kai-Cyuan Jhan, and Chung-Wei Wang

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 122201 (2013)

Optical divces

Terahertz Brewster polarizing beam splitter on a polymer substrate

Mengen Zhang, Xiangjun Li, Shixiong Liang, Pingan Liu, Jianjun Liu, and Zhi Hong

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 122301 (2013)

Physical optics

Optical frequency ruler with moving fluid

Pin Han

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 122601 (2013)

Enhanced NIR emission in Ce3+/Er3+-doped YAG induced by Bi3+ doping

Xiaohai Liu, Siguo Xiao, Zhifeng Xiang, Biyao Zhou, Qing Wen, Xiaoliang Yang, and Xiangliang Jin

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 122602 (2013)


Simultaneous determination of ternary cephalosporin solutions by Raman spectroscopy

Chongyang Li, Wang Lin, Yangfan Shao, and Yuanming Feng

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 123001 (2013)

Thin films

Lateral photovoltaic ef fects in Bi2Sr2Co2Oy thin films

Guoying Yan, Guangsheng Fu, Zilong Bai, and Shufang Wang

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 123101 (2013)

Vision, Color, and Visual Optics

Visual perception of textiles using surface and display samples

Haiyan Liu, Haisong Xu, Zhehong Wang, and Lingnan Song

Vol. 11, Issue 12, 123301 (2013)