Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2013

<Volume: 11, Issue: 6>

18 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Diffraction and gratings

Simplified mode analysis of guided mode resonance gratings with asymmetric coatings

Jun Wu, Changhe Zhou, Hongchao Cao, Anduo Hu, Wenting Sun, and Wei Jia

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 060501 (2013)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Joint nonlinear electrical equalization in coherent optical PDM DFT-spread-OFDM systems

Zhiyuan Huang, Fan Zhang, and Zhangyuan Chen

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 060601 (2013)

Enhanced fourth-power algorithm for phase estimation with frequency separation in direct-detection optical OFDM systems

Min Kong, Jiangnan Xiao, Ze Dong, Liuqingqing Yang, Lin Chen, and Jianjun Yu

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 060602 (2013)

Imaging systems

Crosstalk-free integral imaging display based on double plano-convex micro-lens array

Yazhou Wang, Qionghua Wang, Dahai Li, Huan Deng, and Chenggao Luo

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061101 (2013)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Polarimetric interferometer for measuring nonlinearity error of heterodyne interferometric displacement system

Su’an Xu, Luc Chassagne, Suat Topcu, Le Chen, Jian Sun, and Tianhong Yan

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061201 (2013)

Dispersion imaging spectrometer for detecting and locating energetic targets in real time

Qinghua Yang, Xiaodong Zeng, and Baochang Zhao

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061202 (2013)

Integrated optics

Rigorous supermode solutions in a strong absorption slab waveguide and application to design of a waveguide photodetector

Xuecai Yu, Yanxi Gu, Daiyao Chen, Xiaogang Zhang, and Yong Liu

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061301 (2013)

Lasers and laser optics

High-performance InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser with dot layers grown at 425 oC

Li Yue, Qian Gong, Chunfang Cao, Jinyi Yan, Yang Wang, Ruohai Cheng, and Shiguo Li

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061401 (2013)

325 MHz and near transform-limited pulse output directly from an Er:fiber ring laser

Hongxia Qi, Jian Zhang, Gengji Zhou, Aimin Wang, and Zhigang Zhang

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061402 (2013)


Spectral evolution of NIR luminescence in a Yb3+-doped photonic crystal fiber prepared by non-chemical vapor deposition

Chao Wang, Guiyao Zhou, Ying Han, Wei Wang, Changming Xia, and Lantian Hou

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061601 (2013)

Dy3+-doped LiYF4 crystals for UV-excited white light-emitting diodes

Lei Tang, Haiping Xia, Peiyuan Wang, Jiangtao Peng, and Haochuan Jiang

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061603 (2013)

Energy transfer in Ce, Nd, and Yb co-doped YAG phosphors

Lulu Wang, Changtai Xia, Peng Xu, Juqing Di, Qinglin Sai, and Fei Mou

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061604 (2013)

Nonlinear optics

Proposal for simultaneous all-optical AND, NOR, and XNOR logic gates using QPM cascading nonlinear effects in two PPLNs

Yubin Tang, Yuping Chen, Haowei Jiang, Weifeng Ji, Yijing Wu, and Xianfeng Chen

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 061901 (2013)

Optical devices

Two-dimensional microscanner for laser projection

Yaobo Liu, Weizheng Yuan, Dayong Qiao, Longfei Shi, and Xiangnan Guo

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 062301 (2013)

Position dependence of extraction efficiency in organic light-emitting diodes with photonic crystal structure

Saijun Huang, Zhicheng Ye, Jiangang Lu, Yikai Su, Chaoping Chen, and Gufeng He

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 062302 (2013)


In situ measurements of atmospheric NO2 using incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy with a blue light-emitting diode

Liuyi Ling, Pinhua Xie, Min Qin, Wu Fang, Yu Jiang, Renzhi Hu, and Nina Zheng

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 063001 (2013)

Ultrafast Optics

Self-starting harmonic mode-locked Tm-Bi co-doped germanate f iber laser with carbon nanotube-based saturable absorber

N. Saidin, D. I., S. S., S. W., H. Ahmad, F. Ahmad, K. Dimyati, A. Halder, M. C., M. Pal, and S. K.

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 063201 (2013)

Effect of gas species on THz generation from two-color lasers

Haiwei Du and Nan Yang

Vol. 11, Issue 6, 063202 (2013)