Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2014

<Volume: 12, Issue: 4>

19 Article(s)

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Atomic and Molecular Physics

Harmonic spectra bandwidth broadening with a new polarization gating

Jing Miao, Pengfei Wei, Zhinan Zeng, Chuang Li, Xiaochun Ge, Ruxin Li, and Zhizhan Xu

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040201 (2014)

Coherence and statistical optics

Speckle noise reduction in digital holography with spatial light modulator and nonlocal means algorithm

Junmin Leng, Xinzhu Sang, and Binbin Yan

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040301 (2014)


Temperature and metal composition dependence of lateral photovoltaic effect in Al-Alq3/SiO2/Si structures

Chao Wang, Junqiang Shao, Zelin Mu, Wenming Liu, and Gang Ni

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040402 (2014)

Fiber optics and optical communications

63-Tb/s (368×183.3-Gb/s) C- and L-band all-Raman transmission over 160-km SSMF using PDM-OFDM-16QAM modulation

Chao Li, Ming Luo, Xiao Xiao, Jie Li, Zhixue He, Qi Yang, Zhu Yang, and Shaohua Yu

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040601 (2014)

Hybrid approach for loss recovery mechanism in OBS networks

Ramesh P. and Prita Nair

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040602 (2014)

20-Gbps low cost WDM-OFDM-PON downstream transmission with tunable f ilter and linear APD module

Hao He, Jun Li, Meihua Bi, and Weisheng Hu

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040603 (2014)

Data-aided channel estimation and frequency domain equalization of minimum-shift keying in optical transmission systems

Dingxin Xie, Jing He, Lin Chen, Jin Tang, and Ming Chen

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 040604 (2014)

Imaging systems

Superresolution imaging of DNA tetrahedral nanostructures in cells by STED method with continuous wave lasers

Jiancong Du, Suhui Deng, Shangguo Hou, Lingling Qiao, Jianfang Chen, Qing Huang, Chunhai Fan, Ya Cheng, and Yun Zhao

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 041101 (2014)

Lasers and laser optics

Multifunctional high-performance 10-J level laser system

Yujie Peng, Jiangfeng Wang, Zhixiang Zhang, Dajie huang, Wei Fan, and Xuechun Li

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 041402 (2014)

In-situ synthesis of Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni shape memory alloy functional coating by laser cladding

Peng Xu, Heng Ju, Chengxin Lin, Chaoyu Zhou, and Dewei Pan

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 041403 (2014)


Nolinear optics

Physical optics

Voltage-controlled transmission through a dielectric slab doped with quantum dot molecules

Lida Ebrahimi and Mohammad Mahmoudi

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 042601 (2014)

Temporal characteristic analysis of stepped pulse on hohlraum wall

Zhaoyang Jiao, Yanli Zhang, Junyong Zhang, and Jianqiang Zhu

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 042602 (2014)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance-based sensor with AZO/Au bilayered sensing layer

Woo-Hu Tsai, Kuen-Cherng Lin, Shu-Ming Yang, Yu-Chia Tsao, and Ping-Jing Ho

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 042801 (2014)


High-throughput deconvolution-resolved computational spectrometer

Jiang Yue, Jing Han, Yi Zhang, and Lianfa Bai

Vol. 12, Issue 4, 043001 (2014)