Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2014

<Volume: 12, Issue: 5>

20 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Fiber optics and optical communications

Suspended twin-core fiber for optical switching

Xiaogang Jiang, Daru Chen, Gaofeng Feng, and Junyong Yang

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 050601 (2014)

Performance evaluation of a WDM/OCDM based hybrid optical switch utilizing efficient resource allocation

Ahmed Nabih, Abd-Elnaser A., and Osama M.

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 050602 (2014)

Polarization multiplexing QPSK signal transmission in optical wireless-over f iber integration system at W-band

Jiangnan Xiao, Chanjuan Tang, Xinying Li, Jianjun Yu, Xingxing Huang, Chao Yang, and Nan Chi

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 050603 (2014)

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing

Tunable rectangular array illuminator in periodically poled LiNbO3 crystal

Qiuying Li, Juan Huo, Xiaohui Zhao, and Xianfeng Chen

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 050701 (2014)

Geometrical optics

Road surface condition sensor based on scanning detection of backward power

Songsong Xu, Chi Ruan, and Lili Feng

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 050801 (2014)

Imaging systems

Optical phase control for MMW sparse aperture upconversion imaging

Yuntao He, Haiping Huang, Yuesong Jiang, and Yuedong Zhang

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051101 (2014)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Uncertainty analysis of a pavement reflectance measurement system based on a gonio-photometer

Shenglong Fan, Muqing Liu, and Haiping Shen

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051201 (2014)


Energy transfer mechanism in Er3+ doped fluoride glass sensitized by Tm3+ or Ho3+ for 2.7-\mu m emission

Feifei Huang, Xueqiang Liu, Weiwei Li, Lili Hu, and Danping Chen

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051601 (2014)

Effects of charge compensation on red emission in CaYAl3O7:Eu3+ phosphor

Hongling Yu, Xue Yu, Xuhui Xu, Qing Jiao, Tingming Jiang, Xuee Liu, Dacheng Zhou, and Jianbei Qiu

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051602 (2014)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Iterative sparse reconstruction of spectral domain OCT signal

Xuan Liu and Jin U.

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051701 (2014)

Simulation of light delivery for photoacoustic breast imaging using the handheld probe

Guohe Wang, Honghong Zhao, Qiushi Ren, and Changhui Li

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051703 (2014)

In vivo photoacoustic chorioretinal vascular imaging in albino mouse

Wei Song, Qing Wei, Rui Zhang, and Hao F.

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051704 (2014)

Analysis of colonic autofluorescence spectra using multivariate curve resolution alternating least squares

Lina Liu, Changshun Yang, Weihua Li, Buhong Li, and Shusen Xie

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 051705 (2014)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Indoor positioning modeling by visible light communication and imaging

Jinguo Quan, Bo Bai, Shuang Jin, and Yan Zhang

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 052201 (2014)

Optical devices

OFDM visible light communication transmitter based on LED array

Hao Dong, Hongming Zhang, Kai Lang, Bingyan Yu, and Minyu Yao

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 052301 (2014)

Other Areas of Optics

Quantum Optics

High-order Ghost Imaging of Reference Beam

Anning Zhang, Wenping Li, Lianjie Zhao, Hui Ye, Yan Liu, Xiaogang Wei, and Zenbin Wang

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 052701 (2014)

Thin films

Design of transverse magnetic-reflected polarizing film

Songquan Li, Laixu Gao, Shugang Liu, Chunyu Liu, Yan Huang, and Hongan Ye

Vol. 12, Issue 5, 053102 (2014)