Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2014

<Volume: 12, Issue: s1>

48 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Atmospheric and oceanic optics

Packet error rate analysis of DPIM for free-space optical links with turbulence and pointing errors

Chao Liu, Yong Yao, Jiajun Tian, Yijun Yuan, Yufeng Zhao, and and Benshuang Yu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10101 (2014)

Generation and propagation of partially coherent vortex beams

Shengwei Cui, Ziyang Chen, and Jixiong Pu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10301 (2014)


Multi-beam laser heterodyne measurement with ultra-precision for electrostriction coefficient based on oscillating mirror modulation

Yanchao Li, Yang Gao, Lingling Ran, Qun Ding, Chunhui Wang, and Jianfeng Sun

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10401 (2014)

Photo-induced Currents in Large Area Multiwalled CNT Films/Al Structure

Jie Zhang, Yulin Chen, Yong Zhu, and Fei Luo

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10402 (2014)

Diffraction and Gratings

High Performance and Compact 1×3 Beam Splitter Based on Parallel Silicon Waveguide

Junbo Yang, Suzhi Xu, Kuo Zhou, and Jia Xu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10501 (2014)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Analysis and application of fiber bending in high-speed optical communication

Song Yang, Xiaoguang Zhang, Lixia Xi, and Donghe Zhao

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10601 (2014)

The network test tools based on SDN

Song Yang, Xiaoguang Zhang, Lixia Xi, and DongHe Zhao

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10602 (2014)

Measurement of Er3+-doped concentration in optical fiber by using fiber Bragg grating Fabry-rerot cavity ring-down spectrum

Haiyan Chen, Lilin Chen, Cong Chen, Meng Wang, Qi Li, and Kaiqiang Huang

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10603 (2014)

All-dielectric metameric filters for optically variable devices

Yikun Bu, Rong Guo, Yankai Li, Zengyou Meng, and Nan Chen

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10604 (2014)

A novel reconfigurable modulator implementation for generating optical eight-ary PSK/QAM signals

Bingyang Yan, Yanfu Yang, Yupeng Zhu, Jiechang Zhong, Jianchao Cao, Bingxiong Wu, and Yong Yao

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10605 (2014)

A dither-free bias voltage and driver signal amplitude control technique for optical 8PSK generator

Yupeng Zhu, Yanfu Yang, Bingyang Yan, Jiechang Zhong, and Yong Yao

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10606 (2014)

Large mode area and nearly zero flattened dispersion photonic crystal fiber by diminishing the pitch of the innermost air-holes-ring

Jiajia zhao, Jin Hou, Chunyong Yang, Zhiyou Zhong, Yihua Gao, and Shaoping Chen

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10607 (2014)

A high-performance compact vibration sensor based on fiber Bragg grating

Xiaolei Zhang, Faxiang Zhang, Shujuan Li, Meng Wang, Lujie Wang, Zhiqiang Song, Zhihui Sun, Haifeng Qi, Chang Wang, and Gangding Peng

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10608 (2014)

Low-cost fiber-tip Fabry-Perot interferometer and its application for high temperature sensing

Xiaogang Jiang, Daru Chen, Jie Shao, Gaofeng Feng, and Junyong Yang

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10609 (2014)

A broadband chaotic light transmitter

Xinyu Dou, Chenguang Wu, Xiaolei Chen, Hongxi Yin, Qingchun Zhao, Yang Hao, and Nan Zhao

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S10610 (2014)

Image processing

Simulation study on derivative phase extraction of typical blood cells under interference microscopy

Yuanyuan Xu, Yawei Wang, Ying Ji, and Weifeng Jin

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11001 (2014)

Influence of Ocular Aberrations on Contrast in Retinal Dark Field Imaging

Junlei Zhao, Yun Dai, Jinsheng Yang, Jian Kang, Fei Xiao, and Yudong Zhang

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11002 (2014)

Modified local mean decomposition algorithm for adaptive analysis of fringe pattern

Chenxing Wang, Feipeng Da, and Ke Lu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11003 (2014)

Imaging Systems

Apple bruise detect with hyperspectral imaging technique

Rui Zhou, Manping Ye, and Huacai Chen

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11101 (2014)

Hybrid laser ultrasonic inspection based on optical fiber technique

Yang Zhao, Lei Cui, Jihua Sun, Jian Ma, and Zhongqing Jia

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11102 (2014)

Adaptive aberration correction in confocal scanning fluorescence microscopy

Zhibin Wang, Guohua Shi, and Yudong Zhang

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11103 (2014)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Fiber in-line Fabry-Perot hydrogen-sensing interferometer fabricated by femtosecond laser with Pd/Ag composite coatings

Min Wang, Minghong Yang, Jie Cheng, and Mingyao Xu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11201 (2014)

Fabry-Perot fiber-tip sensor based on an inner air cavity for refractive index sensing

Guilin Zhang, Minghong Yang, and Yutang Dai

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11202 (2014)

Thermally Induced Errors Modeling and Control for PCMA

Wanli Liu, Zhankui Wang, and Xiaoyang Li

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11203 (2014)

Integrated Optics

Unidirectional perfect magnetic metamaterial absorber based on nonreciprocal mie resonance

Jingjing Yu, Huajin Chen, Xinning Yu, and Shiyang Liu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11301 (2014)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Focusing of aberrated, partially coherent, square, flat-topped pulsed beams by a thin lens

Guowen Zhang, Xingqiang Lu, Shenlei Zhou, Weixin Ma, and Jian Zhu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11401 (2014)

Machine Vision

Color restoration method of printing in machine visual detection

Peng Liu, Ning Zhao, Linghui Ren, and Qianqian Xu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11501 (2014)


A planar hyperlens-based device for super-resolution magnification imaging in a far field

Jun Cui, Guoxing Zheng, Pingan He, Jiangnan Zhao, Jianping Yun, Jinling Yang, and Song Li

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11601 (2014)

Nonlinear Optics

Defect solitons in two-dimensional opticalBessel potential

Yunji Meng and Youwen Liu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11902 (2014)

Generation of flat temporal phase distribution of optical pulse by photonic crystal waveguides

Xin Lou, Yongming Nie, Jiali Liao, Xuehua Yang, Puhua Huang, Di Chen, and Xiujian Li

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11903 (2014)

Ultrashort chirped pulse evolution in silicon photonic nanowires

Jiali Liao, Matthew Marko, Hui Jia, Wenchao Sun, Ju Liu, Yizhou Tan, Jiankun Yang, Xiaochun Wang, Yuanda Zhang, Wusheng Tang, Xiujian Li, and Chee Wei Wong

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S11905 (2014)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Grinding strategies for machining the off-axis aspherical reaction-bonded SiC mirror blank

Zhiyu Zhang and Ligong Zheng

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12202 (2014)

Optical devices

Propagation speed calculation of a plasmonic THz wave trapping system

Baoshan Guo, Wei Shi, and Jianquan Yao

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12301 (2014)

Research on 3D fiber Bragg grating accelerometer

Qiuming Nan and 2 and Lei Song

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12302 (2014)

Optics at Surfaces

Silver particles deposited on porous silicon as surface-enhanced Raman scattering active substrate

Changwu Lü, Jiajia Wang, Xiaoyi Lü, and Zhenghong Jia

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12401 (2014)

Influence of electrolyte temperature onspectral properties of porous silicon microcavity

Hongyan Zhang, Rongxia Liu, Xiaoyi Lü, and Zhenhong Jia

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12402 (2014)

All-optical sensor based on surface plasmon polaritons in multi-layers metal-dielectric structure

Jin Li, Yundong Zhang, Hanyang Li, Chengbao Yao, and Ping Yuan

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12403 (2014)

Other Areas of Optics

Physical Optics

Analogy of light propagation in spatial and temporal domains

Haiyan Chen, Meng Wang, Cong Chen, Lilin Chen, Qi Li, and Kaiqiang Huang

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12601 (2014)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Effect of laser pulse shape and duration on spectrum width of coherent LIDAR

Zhichao Bu, Siying Chen, Yinchao Zhang, He Chen, Xianying Ge, and Pan Guo

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S12801 (2014)


Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy measurement of cancerous cells with optical fiber sensor

Shupeng Liu, Lianxin Li, Zhenyi Chen, Na Chen, Zhangmin Dai, Jing Huang, and Bo Lu

Vol. 12, Issue s1, S13001 (2014)