Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2015

<Volume: 13, Issue: 9>

20 Article(s)

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Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Global transmission diagrams for evanescent waves in a nonlinear hyperbolic metamaterial

Munazza Zulfiqar Ali, Ashfaq Ahmad Bhatti, Qamar ul Haque, and Shahzad Mahmood

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 090601 (2015)

Crystals based on solid solution of Ag1 − xTlxBr1 − xIx for the manufacturing of IR fibers

Alexandr Korsakov, Liya Zhukova, Dmitrii Salimgareev, and Vladislav Zhukov

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 090602 (2015)

Three-dimensional model of thermal-induced optical phase shifts in rotation sensing

Xuyou Li, Weiwei Ling, Yanhui Wei, and Zhenlong Xu

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 090603 (2015)

Geometric Optics

Image processing

Laboratory demonstration of spotlight-mode down-looking synthetic aperture imaging ladar

Ning Zhang, Zhiyong Lu, Jianfeng Sun, Yu Zhou, Zhu Luan, Zhiwei Sun, Gunagyuan Li, and Liren Liu

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091001 (2015)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Residual frequency drift in an atomic fountain clock

Yuanbo Du, Rong Wei, Richang Dong, Fan Zou, Jinda Lin, Wenli Wang, and Yuzhu Wang

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091201 (2015)

Amplitude measurement of weak sinusoidal water surface acoustic wave using laser interferometer

Lieshan Zhang, Xiaolin Zhang, and Wenyan Tang

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091202 (2015)

Integrated Optics

Polarization-independent grating coupler based on silicon-on-insulator

Jingjing Zhang, Junbo Yang, Huanyu Lu, Wenjun Wu, Jie Huang, and Shengli Chang

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091301 (2015)

Research on tunable local laser used in ground-to-satellite coherent laser communication

Bin Lu, Fang Wei, Zhen Zhang, Dan Xu, Zhengqing Pan, Dijun Chen, and Haiwen Cai

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091402 (2015)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Time-delay signature concealment of polarization-resolved chaos outputs in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with variable-polarization filtered optical feedback

Li Zhou, Guangqiong Xia, Zhuqiang Zhong, Jiagui Wu, Shuntian Wang, and Zhengmao Wu

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091401 (2015)

1  μm wavelength swept fiber laser based on dispersion-tuning technique

Jiawei Mei, Xiaosheng Xiao, and Changxi Yang

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091403 (2015)


Near-white light-emitting Dy3+-doped transparent glass ceramics containing Ba2LaF7 nanocrystals

Shaoye Ouyang, Weihuan Zhang, Zhixiong Zhang, Yuepin Zhang, and Haiping Xia

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091601 (2015)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Multiscale Hessian filter-based segmentation and quantification method for photoacoustic microangiography

Ting Liu, Mingjian Sun, Naizhang Feng, Zhenghua Wu, and Yi Shen

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 091701 (2015)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Light losses in hollow, prismatic light guides related to prism defects: a transmittance model

Berta García-Fernández, Daniel Vázquez-Moliní, Antonio Álvarez Fernández-Balbuena, Angel García-Botella, and Juan Carlos Martínez Antón

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 092201 (2015)

Quantum optics

Two-atom distributed entanglement by detecting the transmission spectrum of a coupled-cavity quantum electrodynamics system

Xiaolin Zhong, Gongwei Lin, Fengxue Zhou, Yueping Niu, and Shangqing Gong

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 092701 (2015)


Detection of colorless plastic contaminants hidden in cotton layer using chromatic polarization imaging

Bo Peng, Shaling Huang, and Dongjie Li

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 092901 (2015)


Origin of potential errors in the quantitative determination of terahertz optical properties in time-domain terahertz spectroscopy

Qijun Liang, Gregor Klatt, Nico Krauß, Oleksii Kukharenko, and Thomas Dekorsy

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 093001 (2015)

Vision, Color, and Visual Optics

Color correction for tiled projection with irregularly shaped, overlapping region

Feng Chen, Yue Liu, and Tao Yang

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 093301 (2015)

X-ray Optics

Application of polycapillary x ray lens to eliminate both the effect of x ray source size and scatter of the sample in laboratory tomography

Xuepeng Sun, Zhiguo Liu, Tianxi Sun, Longtao Yi, Weiyuan Sun, Fangzuo Li, Bowen Jiang, Yongzhong Ma, and Xunliang Ding

Vol. 13, Issue 9, 093401 (2015)