Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2015

<Volume: 13, Issue: s1>

23 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

Performance analysis of LDPC code based on Watermark scheme in high-speed optical communication system

Wenxue He, Wenbo Zhang, Chao Li, Lixia Xi, Xiaoguang Zhang, and Yaojun Qiao

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S10601 (2015)

Research on optical true-time delay of multiple optical carriers in phased array antenna

Mingfei Wei, Min Wang, Xiaomin Zhang, Chun Wang, and Fang Yang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S10602 (2015)

Single polarization and poling optimized twin-hole optical fiber

Lin Huang and Guobin Ren

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S10603 (2015)

MB-OFDM UWB over fiber system with direct detection

Jing He, Xuejie Wen, and Lin Chen

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S10604 (2015)


Diffraction in chirped volume Bragg gratings

Jiansheng Feng, Xiang Zhang, Dengsheng Wu, Shang Wu, and Xiao Yuan

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S10901 (2015)

Image processing

Subsurface imaging of a nucleated cell based on two wrapped phase images

Yuanyuan Xu, Yawei Wang, Hui Wu, Weifeng Jin, Ying Ji, Min Bu, and Li Zhang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11001 (2015)

Foreground object extraction through motion segmentation

Yinhui Zhang and Zifen He

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11002 (2015)

Imaging Systems

Compressive sensing algorithm for 2D reconstruction of THz digital holography

Yunda Li, Qi Li, Jiaqi Hu, and Yongpeng Zhao

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11101 (2015)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Alignment of optical axis parallelism in multi-axis system

Shurong Wang, Zhanfeng Li, Yu Huang, Guanyu Lin, and Xiaohu Yang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11202 (2015)

Integrated Optics


Theoretical studies on optimum design of acousto-optic modulator using lithium niobate crystal

Zhaoguang Pang, Jie Li, Yanlei Gao, and Zhenjun Yang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11601 (2015)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Common-path OCT using optical delay stair

Yi Wang, Xiaodong Chen, Ji Leng, Ting Wang, Xiaojie Chen, Junwei Li, and Daoyin Yu

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11701 (2015)

Nonlinear Optics

Incoherently coupled soliton pairs in parity-time symmetric Bessel potentials

Hongcheng Wang, Dongxiong Ling, Guihua Chen, and Xing Zhu

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11901 (2015)

Superluminal and slow light propagation in SOA based on coherent population oscillations

Fu Wang, Zhi Wang, Chongqing Wu, and Zhenchao Sun

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S11902 (2015)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Fabrication and testing of optical free-form convex mirror

Feng Zhang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S12202 (2015)

SEM observation and Raman analysis on 6H–SiC wafer damage irradiated by nanosecond pulsed Nd:YAG laser

Zhiyu Zhang, Yang Xu, and Binzhi Zhang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S12203 (2015)

Precision manufacturing of convex off-axis aspheric mirror in space optical system

Weijie Deng and Feng Zhang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S12204 (2015)

Optics at Surfaces

Surface waves at the interface of superconductor media and nonlinear metamaterials

Yuncai Feng and Youwen Liu

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S12401 (2015)


Beam splitter based on Bragg grating-assisted coupler

Junbo Yang, Jingjing Zhang, Shuzhi Xu, and Shengli Chang

Vol. 13, Issue s1, S12501 (2015)