Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2017

<Volume: 15, Issue: 1>

9 Article(s)

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Research Articles

Fiber optics and optical communications

Investigation of clustering effects on erbium-doped fiber laser performance

Md. Ziaul Amin and Khurram Karim Qureshi

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 010601 (2017)

Imaging systems

Flat mirror for millimeter-wave and terahertz imaging systems using an inexpensive metasurface

Gil Litmanovitch, David Rrotshild, and Amir Abramovich

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 011101 (2017)

Lasers and laser optics

1  J, 1  Hz lamp-pumped high-gain Nd: phosphate glass laser amplifier

Chao Wang, Hui Wei, Jiangfeng Wang, Dajie Huang, Wei Fan, and Xuechun Li

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 011401 (2017)

Watt-level high-power passively Q-switched laser based on a black phosphorus solution saturable absorber

Xi Wang, Zhenfu Wang, Yonggang Wang, Lu Li, Guowen Yang, and Jinping Li

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 011402 (2017)

Stable dual-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser using novel fabricated side-polished arc-shaped fiber with deposited ZnO nanoparticles

H. Ahmad, I. S. Amiri, A. Z. Zulkifli, H. Hassan, R. Safaei, and K. Thambiratnam

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 011403 (2017)

Beat note analysis and spectral modulation of terahertz quantum cascade lasers with radio frequency injection

Yonghao Zhu, Hua Li, Wenjian Wan, Li Gu, Tao Zhou, Stefano Barbieri, and Juncheng Cao

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 011404 (2017)


Pure red visible emission via three-photon excitation of colloidal Na3ZrF7:Er nanoparticles using a telecom-band laser

Shuai Ye, Guangsheng Wang, Maozhen Xiong, Jun Song, Junle Qu, and Weixin Xie

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 011601 (2017)

Research Articles

Editorial for focus issue on microwave photonics

José Capmany, Jianping Yao, Wei Li, and Pan Shilong

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 010001 (2017)


Static light scattering properties of a ZnO nanosphere aqueous suspension at visible and near-infrared wavelengths

Haopeng Wu, Jiulin Shi, Feng Yan, Junjie Yang, Yubao Zhang, and Xingdao He

Vol. 15, Issue 1, 012901 (2017)