Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2017

<Volume: 15, Issue: 10>

17 Article(s)

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Research Articles

Fiber optics and optical communications

Tunable single-longitudinal-mode SOA-based fiber laser based on the spectral narrowing effect in a dispersion-shifted fiber

Zhenkun Shen, Lin Wang, Yuan Cao, Xudong Wang, Xinhuan Feng, and Bai-Ou Guan

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 100601 (2017)

Femtoseconds soliton mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser based on nickel oxide nanoparticle saturable absorber

A. Nady, M. H. M. Ahmed, A. A. Latiff, C. H. Raymond Ooi, and S. W. Harun

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 100602 (2017)

Radio-frequency arbitrary waveform generation based on dispersion compensated tunable optoelectronic oscillator with ultra-wide tunability

Anle Wang, Jianghai Wo, Jin Zhang, Xiong Luo, Xin Xu, Daoming Zhang, Pengfei Du, and Lan Yu

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 100603 (2017)

Self-seeded quantum-dash laser based 5  m–128  Gb/s indoor free-space optical communication

M. A. Shemis, A. M. Ragheb, E. Alkhazraji, M. A. Esmail, H. Fathallah, S. Alshebeili, and M. Z. M. Khan

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 100604 (2017)

Simple and effective method to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of compressive imaging

Yao Zhao, Qian Chen, Guohua Gu, and Xiubao Sui

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101101 (2017)

Compressed sensing in synthetic aperture photoacoustic tomography based on a linear-array ultrasound transducer 

Xiangwei Lin, Naizhang Feng, Yawei Qu, Deying Chen, Yi Shen, and Mingjian Sun

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101102 (2017)

Large-range displacement measurement using sinusoidal phase-modulating laser diode interferometer

Ming Zhang, Chang Ni, Yu Zhu, Leijie Wang, Chuxiong Hu, and Jinchun Hu

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101201 (2017)

Design of a grating by a joint optimization method for a phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer

Meng Zheng, Ke Liu, Lihui Liu, and Yanqiu Li

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101203 (2017)

Switchable Brillouin frequency multiwavelength and pulsed fiber laser

S. J. Tan, H. Haris, and S. W. Harun

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101401 (2017)

Graphene oxide-COOH as a new saturable absorber for both Q-switching and mode-locking fiber lasers

Fengyan Zhao, Yishan Wang, Yonggang Wang, Hushan Wang, and Yajun Cai

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101402 (2017)

Polarization-independent two-dimensional beam steering using liquid crystal optical phased arrays

Liang Wu, Xiangru Wang, Caidong Xiong, Ziqiang Huang, Rusheng Zhuo, Jiarui Rao, and Qinggui Tan

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 101601 (2017)

Quantum dot quantum cascade photodetector using a laser structure

Fengjiao Wang, Ning Zhuo, Shuman Liu, Fei Ren, Shenqiang Zhai, Junqi Liu, Jinchuan Zhang, Fengqi Liu, and Zhanguo Wang

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 102301 (2017)

Imaging process and signal-to-noise ratio improvement of enhanced self-heterodyne synthetic aperture imaging ladar

Guo Zhang, Jianfeng Sun, Yu Zhou, Zhiyong Lu, Guangyuan Li, Guangyu Cai, Mengmeng Xu, Bo Zhang, Chenzhe Lao, Hongyu He, and Liren Liu

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 102801 (2017)

Coordinate difference homogenization matching method for motion correction in 3D range-intensity correlation laser imaging

Liang Sun, Xinwei Wang, Pengdao Ren, Pingshun Lei, Songtao Fan, Yan Zhou, and Yuliang Liu

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 102802 (2017)

Four-element division algorithm to focus coherent light through a turbid medium

Longjie Fang, Cheng Zhang, Haoyi Zuo, Jianhua Zhu, and Lin Pang

Vol. 15, Issue 10, 102901 (2017)