Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2017

<Volume: 15, Issue: 2>

19 Article(s)

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Research Articles

Atmospheric Optics and Oceanic Optics

Retrieval of Cn2 profile from differential column image motion lidar using the regularization method

Zhi Cheng, Fengfu Tan, Xu Jing, Feng He, Lai’an Qin, and Zaihong Hou

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 020101 (2017)

Optical and hygroscopic properties of Asian dust particles based on a horizontal Mie lidar: case study at Hefei, China

Guangyu Bo, Chidong Xu, Aiyue Li, Yanfei Wang, Haiyan Chen, and Yuqiang Jiang

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 020102 (2017)

Diffraction and gratings

High efficiency positive and negative phase zone plates

Renfang Hu, Jian Chen, Faiz Wali, Shengxiang Wang, Kun Gao, and Gang Liu

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 020501 (2017)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Generation of passively Q-switched fiber laser at 1  μm by using MoSSe as a saturable absorber

H. Ahmad, S. A. Reduan, S. N. Aidit, and Z. C. Tiu

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 020601 (2017)

Temperature-insensitive refractive index sensor based on Mach–Zehnder interferometer with two microcavities

Yinfeng Wang, Sumei Wang, Lan Jiang, Hua Huang, Liuchao Zhang, Peng Wang, Lingya Lv, and Zhitao Cao

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 020603 (2017)


Accurate complex modulation by the iterative spatial cross-modulation method

Yijun Qi, Chenliang Chang, and Jun Xia

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 020901 (2017)

Integrated optics

Numerical evaluation of radiation and optical coupling occurring in optical coupler

Mansour Bacha and Abderrahmane Belghoraf

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 021301 (2017)

Lasers and laser optics

Propagation of a filamentary femtosecond laser beam with high intensities at an air-solid interface

Zuoye Liu, Yanghua Zhang, Jingjie Ding, Shaohua Sun, and Bitao Hu

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 021401 (2017)

Six 38.7  W pulses in a burst of pulse-burst picosecond 1064  nm laser system at 1  kHz

Mingliang Long, Meng Chen, and Gang Li

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 021403 (2017)

Experimental research of laser-induced periodic surface structures in a typical liquid by a femtosecond laser

Youwang Hu, Haoming Yue, Ji’an Duan, Cong Wang, Jianying Zhou, Yunpeng Lu, Kai Yin, Xinran Dong, Wenyi Su, and Xiaoyan Sun

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 021404 (2017)

Nonlinear optics

Origin and suppression of back conversion in a phase-matched nonlinear frequency down-conversion process

Jingui Ma, Jing Wang, Peng Yuan, Guoqiang Xie, and Liejia Qian

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 021901 (2017)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Periodic surface structures on Ni–Fe film induced by a single femtosecond laser pulse with diffraction rings 

Kan Zhou, Xin Jia, Huixia Xi, Jukun Liu, Donghai Feng, Shian Zhang, Zhenrong Sun, and Tianqing Jia

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 022201 (2017)

Optics at Surfaces

Observing the spin Hall effect of pseudothermal light through weak measurement

Bin Cao, Dong Wei, Pei Zhang, Hong Gao, and Fuli Li

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 022401 (2017)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Efficient multi-bands image compression method for remote cameras

Jin Li, Fengdeng Liu, and Zilong Liu

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 022801 (2017)

Thin films

Optical property of an antireflection coating fabricated by an optimal spin-coating method with a pH-modified SiO2 nanoparticle solution

Chyan-Chyi Wu, Cheng-Chih Hsu, Yu-Chian Lin, Chia-Wei Chiang, and Ching-Lian Dai

Vol. 15, Issue 2, 023101 (2017)