Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2017

<Volume: 15, Issue: 5>

17 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Special Issue on the 50th Anniversary of the Invention of Optical Fiber Communications

Datacenter optics: requirements, technologies, and trends (Invited Paper)

Xiang Zhou, Hong Liu, and Ryohei Urata

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 120008 (2017)

Research Articles

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Parity chain and parity chain breaking in the two-level cavity quantum electrodynamics system

Jingyun Zhao, Liguo Qin, Xunming Cai, Qiang Lin, and Zhongyang Wang

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 050202 (2017)

Two-color cesium magneto-optical trap with 6S1/2-6P3/2-7S1/2 (852  nm + 1470  nm) ladder-type system

Jie Wang, Guang Yang, Jun He, and Junmin Wang

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 050203 (2017)

Fiber optics and optical communications

Artificial neural-network-based visible light positioning algorithm with a diffuse optical channel

Heqing Huang, Aiying Yang, Lihui Feng, Guoqiang Ni, and Peng Guo

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 050601 (2017)

Symbol error rate performance analysis of soft-decision decoded MPPM free space optical system over exponentiated Weibull fading channels

Duan Zhou, Tian Cao, Yintang Yang, Jianxian Zhang, Ping Wang, and Bensheng Yang

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 050602 (2017)

Highly linear W-band receiver front-end based on higher-order optical sideband processing

Haojie Wang, Shangyuan Li, Xiaoping Zheng, Xiaoxiao Xue, Hanyi Zhang, and Bingkun Zhou

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 050603 (2017)

Experimental demonstration of indoor interfered visible light communication system employing successive interference cancellation

Miaofeng Li, Xiang Li, Chao Yang, Qi Yang, and Shaohua Yu

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 050604 (2017)

Imaging systems

Automated segmentation and quantitative study of retinal pigment epithelium cells for photoacoustic microscopy imaging

Lin Li, Qian Li, Cuixia Dai, Qingliang Zhao, Tianhao Yu, Xinyu Chai, and Chuanqing Zhou

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051101 (2017)

Lasers and laser optics

Laser-accelerated self-assembly of colloidal particles at the water–air interface

Mincheng Zhong, Ziqiang Wang, and Yinmei Li

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051401 (2017)

Investigation of ellipticity and pump power in a passively mode-locked fiber laser using the nonlinear polarization rotation technique

H. Ahmad, S. I. Ooi, M. Z. A. Razak, S. R. Azzuhri, A. A. Jasim, K. Thambiratnam, M. F. Ismail, and M. A. Ismail

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051402 (2017)


Effect of various red phosphorescent dopants in single emissive white phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices

Jong Hyun Lim, Jin Wook Kim, Geum Jae Yoon, Ayse Turak, and Woo Young Kim

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051602 (2017)

Enhanced spatial terahertz modulation based on graphene metamaterial

Dandan Sun, Mengqi Wang, Yuanyuan Huang, Yixuan Zhou, Mei Qi, Man Jiang, and Zhaoyu Ren

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051603 (2017)

Influence of Tm3+ ions on the amplification of Ho3+:5I75I8 transition in fluoride glass modified by Al(PO3)3 for applications in mid-infrared optics

Fangwei Qi, Feifei Huang, Tao Wang, Ruoshan Lei, Junjie Zhang, Shiqing Xu, and Long Zhang

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051604 (2017)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Experimental assessment of a 3-D plenoptic endoscopic imaging system 

Hanh N. D. Le, Ryan Decker, Axel Krieger, and Jin U. Kang

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 051701 (2017)

Nonlinear optics

Quantum optics

Freezing quantum coherence with weak measurement

Lianwu Yang and Yunjie Xia

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 052701 (2017)

Thin films

Simultaneous measurements of s- and p-polarization reflectivity with a cavity ring-down technique employing no polarization optics

Hao Cui, Bincheng Li, Yanling Han, Jing Wang, Chunming Gao, and Yafei Wang

Vol. 15, Issue 5, 053101 (2017)