Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2018

<Volume: 16, Issue: 3>

19 Article(s)

About the Cover:

The research team enables simultaneous photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging of blood vessels by improving intravascular photoacoustic imaging system. The diameter of this imaging probe is only 1.00 mm, which lays the foundation for in vivo experiments.

Research Articles

Diffraction and gratings

Fiber optics and optical communications

Wideband signal detection based on high-speed photonic analog-to-digital converter

Guang Yang, Weiwen Zou, Ye Yuan, and Jianping Chen

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 030601 (2018)

Thermal expanded core technique applied to high power fiber mode field adapter

Fanlong Dong, Xinhai Zhang, and Feng Song

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 030602 (2018)

Geometric Optics

Design of a hyper-numerical-aperture deep ultraviolet lithography objective with freeform surfaces

Shanshan Mao, Yanqiu Li, Jiahua Jiang, Shihuan Shen, Ke Liu, and Meng Zheng

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 030801 (2018)

Instrumentation, measurement, and metrology

Multi-frequency lateral shear interferometer system for simultaneous measurement of thickness and three-dimensional shape

Xiangjun Dai, Tianyu Yuan, Hanyang Jiang, Xinxing Shao, Meiling Dai, Hai Yun, Fujun Yang, and Xiaoyuan He

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031201 (2018)

Lasers and laser optics

Femtosecond laser highly-efficient plane processing based on an axicon-generated donut-shaped beam

Zhi Luo, Cong Wang, Xinran Dong, and Ji’an Duan

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031401 (2018)

Double Q-switched 946 nm laser with MgO:LN electro-optic crystal and MoSe2 saturable absorber

Bing Bai, Yang Bai, Diao Li, Yanxiao Sun, Jianlin Li, and Jintao Bai

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031402 (2018)

Stabilized DFB laser system with large tuning range

Jiachen Yu, Pingjun Wang, Qi Yu, Yin Zhang, Wei Xiong, and Xuzong Chen

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031403 (2018)

Optimizing power oscillations in an ellipsometric system

Manoel P. Araújo, Stefano De Leo, and Gabriel G. Maia

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031406 (2018)

4.05 kW monolithic fiber laser oscillator based on home-made large mode area fiber Bragg gratings

Baolai Yang, Hanwei Zhang, Qing Ye, Haoyang Pi, Chen Shi, Rumao Tao, Xiaolin Wang, and Xiaojun Xu

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031407 (2018)

Medical optics and biotechnology

Measurement of ocular axial length using full-range spectral-domain low-coherence interferometry

Yi Wang, Liang Feng, Lida Zhu, Hongxian Zhou, and Zhenhe Ma

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031701 (2018)

Photoacoustic characteristics of lipid-rich plaques under ultra-low temperature and formaldehyde treatment 

Mingjun Xu, Peng Lei, Jianqin Feng, Fangfang Liu, Sihua Yang, and Pengfei Zhang

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 031702 (2018)


Four-level phase pair encoding and decoding with single interferometric phase retrieval for holographic data storage

Xiao Lin, Yong Huang, Yang Li, Jinyan Liu, Jinpeng Liu, Ruidan Kang, and Xiaodi Tan

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 032101 (2018)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Useful way to compensate for intrinsic birefringence caused by calcium fluoride in optical lithography systems

Zelong Zhou, Hongbo Shang, Yongxin Sui, and Huaijiang Yang

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 032201 (2018)

Optical devices

Plasmonic sensor with variable claddings based on metallic slit arrays

Jing Ma, Dongdong Liu, Jicheng Wang, and Zhengda Hu

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 032301 (2018)


Excited-state population distributions of alkaline-earth metal in a hollow cathode lamp

Pengyuan Chang, Bo Pang, Yisheng Wu, and Jingbiao Chen

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 033001 (2018)

Ultrafast Optics

Polarization-gated filament-induced remote breakdown spectroscopy

Hao Guo, Zhongbin Zhu, Tiejun Wang, Na Chen, Yaoxiang Liu, Jianhao Zhang, Haiyi Sun, Jiansheng Liu, and Ruxin Li

Vol. 16, Issue 3, 033201 (2018)