Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2018

<Volume: 16, Issue: 9>

15 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Design methods of intraocular lens with extended depth of focus for pseudophakic presbyopia.

Research Articles


A proposed approach for detecting terahertz pulses by using double few-cycle laser pulses with opposite carrier envelope phases

Kejia Wang, Xinyang Gu, Zhenwei Zhang, Zhengang Yang, Jinsong Liu, and Shenglie Wang

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090401 (2018)

Diffraction and gratings

Effects of mask-alignment error on point spread function for multi-level Fresnel diffractive lenses

Dun Liu, Shibin Wu, Wei Yang, Lihua Wang, Bin Fan, and Fan Wu

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090501 (2018)

Fiber optics and optical communications

An interferometric phase shift fiber Bragg grating sensing system with greatly reduced background phase noise

Lina Ma, Yu Chen, Zhengliang Hu, Jinxing Huang, Jun Wang, and Shiqing Li

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090601 (2018)

Intensity modulated silver coated glass optical fiber refractive index sensor

Zahra Samavati, Alireza Samavati, A. F. Ismail, Mukhlis A. Rahman, and M. H. D. Othman

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090602 (2018)

Broad bandwidth SOA-based multiwavelength laser incorporating a bidirectional Lyot filter

Abdul Hadi Sulaiman, Muhammad Zamzuri Abdul Kadir, Nelidya Md Yusoff, Noran Azizan Cholan, Fairuz Abdullah, Ahmad Fauzi Abas, Mohammed Thamer Alresheedi, and Mohd Adzir Mahdi

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090603 (2018)

Comparative study on reduced impacts of Brillouin pump depletion and nonlinear amplification in coded DBA-BOTDA

Kai Lin, Xinhong Jia, Huiliang Ma, Cong Xu, Xuan Zhang, and Lei Ao

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090604 (2018)

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing

Characterizing a liquid crystal spatial light modulator at oblique incidence angles using the self-interference method

Zixin Zhao, Yiying Zhuang, Zhaoxian Xiao, Hangying Zhang, Chen Fan, Hehui Geng, and Hong Zhao

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 090701 (2018)

Image processing

On-line beam diagnostics based on single-shot beam splitting phase retrieval

Xi He, Cheng Liu, and Jianqiang Zhu

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 091001 (2018)

Integrated optics

A pair of integrated optoelectronic transceiving chips for optical interconnects

Kai Liu, Huize Fan, Yongqing Huang, Xiaofeng Duan, Qi Wang, Xiaomin Ren, Qi Wei, and Shiwei Cai

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 091301 (2018)

Lasers and laser optics

Transmission of 20  Gb/s PAM-4 signal over 20  km optical fiber using a directly modulated tunable DBR laser

Daibing Zhou, Dan Lu, Song Liang, Lingjuan Zhao, and Wei Wang

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 091401 (2018)

Ablation effects and mechanism of sintered silicon carbide ceramics by an ArF excimer laser

Xin Guo, Jinbin Ding, Yi Zhou, and Yu Wang

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 091402 (2018)

Nonlinear optics

Mechanisms and absolute quantum yield of upconversion luminescence of fluoride phosphors

A. A. Lyapin, S. V. Gushchin, A. S. Ermakov, S. V. Kuznetsov, P. A. Ryabochkina, V. Yu. Proydakova, V. V. Voronov, P. P. Fedorov, and M. V. Chernov

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 091901 (2018)

Physical optics

Flexible and high-efficiency generation of arbitrary vector vortex beams on hybrid-order Poincaré sphere

Hao Zhang, Lei Yao, Yuyan Pang, and Jun Xia

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 092601 (2018)

Quantum optics

Improving the resolution in quantum and classical temporal imaging 

Junheng Shi, Giuseppe Patera, Youzhen Gui, Mikhail I. Kolobov, Dmitri B. Horoshko, and Shensheng Han

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 092701 (2018)

Vision, Color, and Visual Optics

Design of double-zone aspheric diffractive intraocular lens with extended depth of focus 

Yayan Bian, Yongji Liu, and Lai Jiang

Vol. 16, Issue 9, 093301 (2018)