Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2020

<Volume: 18, Issue: 6>

18 Article(s)

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Experimental setup of all-optical inverter based on CNT-PVA thin film.


Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Research Articles

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

All-optical inverter based on carbon nanotube-polyvinyl alcohol thin film 

Zhengpeng Shao, Kan Wu, and Jianping Chen

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 060603 (2020)


Use of focus stacking and SfM techniques in the process of registration of a small object hologram

Sławomir Paśko, Marek Sutkowski, and Ramunas Bakanas

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 060901 (2020)

Image Processing and Machine Vision

Object tracking method based on joint global and local feature descriptor of 3D LIDAR point cloud

Qishu Qian, Yihua Hu, Nanxiang Zhao, Minle Li, Fucai Shao, and Xinyuan Zhang

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 061001 (2020)

Imaging Systems

Double-spherically bent crystal high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy of spatially extended sources

Ruirong Wang, Zhiheng Fang, Honghai An, Jun Xiong, Zhiyong Xie, Erfu Guo, Chen Wang, Anle Lei, and Wei Wang

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 061101 (2020)

Integrated Optics

Distributed parameter circuit model for wideband photodiodes with inductive coplanar waveguide electrodes

Yaru Han, Bing Xiong, Changzheng Sun, Zhibiao Hao, Jian Wang, Yanjun Han, Lai Wang, Hongtao Li, Jiadong Yu, and Yi Luo

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 061301 (2020)

Lasers and Laser Optics

Directly modulated active distributed reflector distributed feedback lasers over wide temperature range operation (−40 to 85°C)

Gonghai Liu, Gongyuan Zhao, Gong Zhang, Qiaoyin Lu, and Weihua Guo

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 061401 (2020)


Tunable reducibility of Brillouin zone and bandgap width in elliptical nanowire arrays

Zongyi Zhang, Yonggang Wu, Zihuan Xia, Jian Zhou, and Xuefei Qin

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 063601 (2020)

High-Q factor photonic crystal cavities with cut air holes [Invited] 

Liang Fang, Xuetao Gan, and Jianlin Zhao

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 063603 (2020)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Optimization based on sensitivity for material birefringence in projection lens

Hongbo Shang, Luwei Zhang, Chunlai Liu, Ping Wang, Yongxin Sui, and Huaijiang Yang

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 062201 (2020)

Optical Sensing, Measurements, and Metrology

Asymmetrical tapered SMS fiber coupler for simultaneous measurement of temperature and refractive index and its application for biosensing

Zheyu Wu, Bin Liu, Jiangfeng Zhu, Juan Liu, Shengpeng Wan, Tao Wu, and Jinghua Sun

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 061201 (2020)

Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Tunable beam deflection based on plasmonic resonators mounted freestanding thermoresponsive hydrogel

Ata Ur Rahman Khalid, Juan Liu, Naeem Ullah, and Shiqi Jia

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 062402 (2020)

Morse lens [Invited] 

Huanyang Chen and Wen Xiao

Vol. 18, Issue 6, 062403 (2020)