Chinese Optics Letters

Year: 2020

<Volume: 18, Issue: 8>

16 Article(s)

About the Cover:

Special Issue on Soft-matter Photonics

Editorial for special issue on soft-matter photonics (soft mattonics)

Zhigang Zheng, Wei Hu, and Chenhui Peng

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080001 (2020)

Ferroelectric liquid crystals for fast switchable circular Dammann grating [Invited]

Qi Guo, Tian Liu, Xiaoqian Wang, Zhigang Zheng, Aleksey Kudreyko, Huijie Zhao, V. Chigrinov, and Hoi-Sing Kwok

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080002 (2020)

Photopatterned liquid crystal mediated terahertz Bessel vortex beam generator [Invited]

Yanchun Shen, Zhixiong Shen, Guozhong Zhao, and Wei Hu

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080003 (2020)

Silk: a versatile biomaterial for advanced optics and photonics [Invited]

Yushu Wang, Meng Li, and Yu Wang

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080004 (2020)

Electrically tunable helicity of cholesteric heliconical superstructure [Invited]

Conglong Yuan, Wenbin Huang, Xiaoqian Wang, Dong Shen, and Zhigang Zheng

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080005 (2020)

Polymerized cholesteric liquid crystal microdisks generated by centrifugal microfluidics towards tunable laser emissions [Invited] 

Ya-Hao Ge, Yi-Mei Lan, Xing-Rui Li, Yu-Wei Shan, Yu-Jie Yang, Sen-Sen Li, Chaoyong Yang, and Lu-Jian Chen

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080006 (2020)

Holographically fabricated, highly reflective nanoporous polymeric distributed Bragg reflectors with red, green, and blue colors [Invited]

Haodong Jiang, Wenfeng Cai, Ke Li, Ming Cheng, Vineet Kumar, Zhen Yin, Davy Gérard, Dan Luo, Quanquan Mu, and Yanjun Liu

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080007 (2020)

Circular Airy beams realized via the photopatterning of liquid crystals [Invited]

Yuan Zhang, Bingyan Wei, Sheng Liu, Peng Li, Xin Chen, Yunlong Wu, Xian’an Dou, and Jianlin Zhao

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080008 (2020)

Research Articles

Atomic and Molecular Optics

Improving the NV generation efficiency by electron irradiation

Bowen Zhao, Yang Dong, Shaochun Zhang, Xiangdong Chen, Wei Zhu, and Fangwen Sun

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 080201 (2020)

Nonlinear Optics

Femtosecond laser trapping dynamics of two-photon absorbing hollow-core nanoparticles

Liping Gong, Xiaohe Zhang, Zhuqing Zhu, Guanghao Rui, Jun He, Yiping Cui, and Bing Gu

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 081901 (2020)

Optical Sensing, Measurements, and Metrology

Self-copy-shift-based differential phase extracting method for fiber distributed acoustic sensing

Wenjie Chen, Junfeng Jiang, Kun Liu, Shuang Wang, Zhe Ma, Guanhua Liang, Zhenyang Ding, Tianhua Xu, and Tiegen Liu

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 081201 (2020)

Hybrid calibration method of a wide-view-angle Mueller polarimeter for hyper-numerical-aperture imaging systems

Jianhui Li, Yanqiu Li, Ke Liu, Guodong Zhou, Lihui Liu, and Meng Zheng

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 081202 (2020)

Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Chromatic dispersion manipulation based on metasurface devices in the mid-infrared region

Lin Li, Quan Yuan, Run Chen, Xiujuan Zou, Wenbo Zang, Tianyue Li, Gaige Zheng, Shuming Wang, Zhenlin Wang, and Shining Zhu

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 082401 (2020)

Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

High-quality quantum process tomography of time-bin qubit’s transmission over a metropolitan fiber network and its application

Peiyu Zhang, Liangliang Lu, Fangchao Qu, Xinhe Jiang, Xiaodong Zheng, Yanqing Lu, Shining Zhu, and Xiao-Song Ma

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 082701 (2020)


Periphery excitation of laser-induced CN fluorescence in plasma using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for carbon detection

Nan Zhao, Jiaming Li, Qiongxiong Ma, Liang Guo, and Qingmao Zhang

Vol. 18, Issue 8, 083001 (2020)

Thin Films and Optics at Surfaces