Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis

Year: 2015

<Volume: 35, Issue: 7>

59 Article(s)

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Research Article

A Method to Reconstruct Surface Reflectance Spectrum from Multispectral Image Based on Canopy Radiation Transfer Model

Yong-guang ZHAO, Ling-ling MA, Chuan-rong LI, Xiao-hua ZHU, and Ling-li TANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1763 (2015)

Spectral Characteristics of Si Quantum Dots Embedded in SiNx Thin Films Prepared by Magnetron Co-Sputtering

Xiao-bo CHEN, Wen YANG, Liang-fei DUAN, Li-yuan ZHANG, Pei-zhi YANG, and Zhao-ning SONG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1770 (2015)

Two Data Inversion Algorithms of Aerosol Horizontal Distribution Detected by MPL and Error Analysis

Li-hui Lv, Wen-qing LIU, Tian-shu ZHANG, Yi-huai LU, Yun-sheng DONG, Zhen-yi CHEN, Guang-qiang FAN, and Shao-shuai QI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1774 (2015)

Absorption Characteristics and Simulation of LLM-105 in the Terahertz Range

Zeng-rui MENG, Li-ping SHANG, Yu DU, and Hu DENG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1779 (2015)

The Effects of Complex of Benzoquinone on Fermi Resonance

Shuai-peng LI, Feng-qin ZHANG, Li-tong JIANG, Xiao-long LIN, Yong-heng JIANG, Liu-yang ZHANG, Bo LIN, and Hao GU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1783 (2015)

Optical Properties Investigation of p-Type ZnO Film Based on Doping by Diffusion

Fang CHEN, Dan FANG, Shuang-peng WANG, Xuan FANG, Ji-long TANG, Hai-feng ZHAO, Fang FANG, Xue-ying CHU, Jin-hua LI, Fei WANG, Xiao-hua WANG, Guo-jun LIU, Xiao-hui MA, and Zhi-peng WEI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1787 (2015)

The Characteristic Research of ·OH Induced by Water on an Argon Plasma Jet

Kun LIU, Hua LIAO, Pei-chao ZHENG, Chen-ying WANG, Hong-di LIU, and Danil Dobrynin

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1791 (2015)

Synthesis and Spectroscopic Study of a Chemosensor for Naked Eye Recognition of Cu2+ and Hg2+

Li CAO, Ya-ao QIAN, Yan HUANG, Juan CAO, Chun-man JIA, Chun-ling LIU, Qi ZHANG, and Zheng-rong Lv

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1797 (2015)

The High Precision Analysis Research of Multichannel BOTDR Scattering Spectral Information Based on the TTDF and CNS Algorithm

Yan-jun ZHANG, Wen-zhe LIU, Xing-hu FU, and Wei-hong BI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1802 (2015)

Theoretical Investigation of the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Parameters and Local Structures for Zinc Phosphate Glass Doped with VO2+

Chao-ying LI, Xian-kai HUANG, Qiu TU, Wei-yang WANG, and Xue-mei ZHENG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1808 (2015)

The Study of Large OPD’s PEM Based on Micro Trapezoidal Photo-Elastic Crystals

Rui ZHANG, Zhi-bin WANG, Yao-li WANG, You-hua CHEN, and Yuan-yuan CHEN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1812 (2015)

The Effects of Skin Thickness on Optical Transmission Characteristics in Fruits Tissues

Shu-ning SHI, Zuo-jun TAN, Jing XIE, and Jun LU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1817 (2015)

Research on Spectrum Radiation Characteristics of a New Type Infrared/Ultraviolet Dual Color Decoy

Chun-sheng CHEN, Meng-yan DAI, Hai-feng LIU, Chang-you XIE, Tong ZHANG, and Guo-feng FANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1824 (2015)

Study on an Algorithm for Near Infrared Singular Sample Identification Based on Strong Influence Degree

Zhao-na WU, Xiang-qian DING, Hui-li GONG, Mei DONG, and Mei-xun WANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1830 (2015)

Design and Preparation of Plant Bionic Materials Based on Optical and Infrared Features Simulation

Xiao-jun JIANG, Xu-liang Lv, Jia-liang PAN, and Shuan-qin ZHANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1835 (2015)

Determination of Chloride Salt Solution by NIR Spectroscopy

Bin ZHANG, Jian-hong CHEN, and Ming-xing JIAO

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1840 (2015)

Preliminary Study on the Structural Characteristics of Residue from Rice Straw Burning in Field

Lin-chao HU, Li-na CHEN, Yong YIN, Zhao-qin HUANG, and Jing-yu DAI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1844 (2015)

Research on the Thermal Infrared Polarization Properties of Fresh Snow

Ting-ting WANG, Zhao-liang LI, Bo-hui TANG, Wei-qi SUN, and Yun-sheng ZHAO

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1848 (2015)

Spectral Analysis about the Pharmaceutical Cocrystal Formation of Piracetam and 3-Hydroxybenzoic Acid

Hui-li ZHANG, Yi XIA, Zhi HONG, and Yong DU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1854 (2015)

Aging Process of Puer Black Tea Studied by FTIR Spectroscopy Combined with Curve-Fitting Analysis

Dong-yu LI, You-ming SHI, and Shi-lai YI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1860 (2015)

Biomass Compositional Analysis Using Sparse Partial Least Squares Regression and Near Infrared Spectrum Technique

Yan YAO, Chang-yue WANG, Hui-jun LIU, Jian-bin TANG, Jin-hui CAI, and Jing-jun WANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1864 (2015)

Dynamic Detection of Fresh Jujube Based on ELM And Visible/Near Infrared Spectra

Yi YANG, Shu-juan ZHANG, and Yong HE

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1870 (2015)

Preparation of Rubber Accelerator Tetramethyl Thiuram Monosulfide and Its Spectral Analysis

Zhen-xiang WANG, Hong-liang LI, Tai-xuan JIA, Nan ZHANG, and Xin JIN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1875 (2015)

Research on Rapid Discrimination of Edible Oil by ATR Infrared Spectroscopy

Xiao MA, Hong-fu YUAN, Chun-feng SONG, Ai-qin HU, Xiao-yu LI, Zhong ZHAO, Xiu-qin LI, Zhen GUO, and Zhi-qiang ZHU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1879 (2015)

Determination of Ginsenosides Amount and Geographical Origins of Ginseng by NIR Spectroscopy

Jing-jing WANG, Shu-mo YAN, and Bin YANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1885 (2015)

Effect of Optical Length on Detection Accuracy of Camellia Oil Adulteration by Near Infrared Spectroscopy

Tong SUN, Yi-qing WU, Peng XU, Zhen-cai WEN, Tian HU, and Mu-hua LIU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1894 (2015)

Resonance Raman Spectral Properties Studies of β-Carotene in Solution

Mei-jiao SUN, Shuo LIU, Tian-yuan LIU, Sheng-nan XU, Cheng-lin SUN, Mi ZHOU, and Zuo-wei LI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1904 (2015)

Microalgae Species Identification Study with Raman Microspectroscopy Technology

Yong-ni SHAO, Jian PAN, Lu-lu JIANG, and Yong HE

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1908 (2015)

Quantitative Analysis of the Hydration Process of Mine Gas Mixture Based on Raman Spectroscopy

Bao-yong ZHANG, Yue YU, Qiang WU, and Xia GAO

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1912 (2015)

Synthesis,Crystal Structure and Fluorescence Properties of Two Tb(Ⅲ) Complexes

Ting-ting FAN, Shuang SONG, Yi-hua ZHANG, Rui HUO, Xia LI, Xing-yi DING, Yang LIU, Xu ZHAO, and Chun-hui YAN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1917 (2015)

A Method for Determination of Migratable Fluorescent Whitening Agents in Paper Products by Dual-Wavelength UV Spectroscopy

Shu-xin ZHANG, Xin-sheng CHAI, Ying-xin TIAN, and Run-quan CHEN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1921 (2015)

A Quick Quantitative Analysis for Group Composition of Coal Liquefaction Oil by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Wen-jun FAN, Mei-xiang WU, Jian-shu HAO, Jie* FENG, and Wen-ying LI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1938 (2015)

Determination of Trace Lead in Water by UV-Visible Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Combined with Surfactant and Membrane Filtration-Enrichment

Xiao-fang ZHANG, Bi-lin ZHU, Wei LI, Lei WANG, Lei ZHANG, Ting WU, and Yi-ping DU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1944 (2015)

Review of Crop Canopy Spectral Information Detection Technology and Methods

Xiao-rong FANG, Jun-feng GAO, Chuan-qi XIE, Feng-le ZHU, Ling-xia HUANG, and Yong HE

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1949 (2015)

Estimating Winter Wheat Nitrogen Vertical Distribution Based on Bidirectional Canopy Reflected Spectrum

Shao-yuan YANG, Wen-jiang HUANG, Dong LIANG, Lin-sheng HUANG, Gui-jun YANG, Dong-yan ZHANG, and Shu-hong CAI

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1956 (2015)

Spectrum Variance Analysis of Tree Leaves under the Condition of Different Leaf water Content

Jian WU, Tai-sheng CHEN, and Li-xin PAN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1961 (2015)

Spectral Study on Coordination Reaction between metMyoglobin and Nitric Oxide

Qian TANG, Yue ZHANG, Hong-yu CAO, Shan-shan SHI, and Xue-fang ZHENG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1967 (2015)

Extending Hyperspectral Detecting Model of pH in Fresh Pork to New Breeds

Jiao LIU, Xiao-yu LI, Rui JIN, Sen-miao XU, and Jing KU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1973 (2015)

An Analysis of the Spectrums between Different Canopy Structures Based on Hyperion Hyperspectral Data in a Temperate Forest of Northeast China

Quan-zhou YU, Shao-qiang WANG, Kun HUANG, Lei ZHOU, and Die-cong CHEN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1980 (2015)

Backscattering Characteristics of Machining Surfaces and Retrieval of Surface Multi-Parameters

Hui-rong TAO, Fu-min ZHANG, and Xing-hua QU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1986 (2015)

A Study on Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of Mn-BiOCl

Yu-min CUI, Hui-quan LI, Hui MIAO, Dong-liang TAO, Su-hua FAN, Kun ZHANG, and Xiao-feng HUO

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 1997 (2015)

A New HAC Unsupervised Classifier Based on Spectral Harmonic Analysis

Ke-ming YANG, Hua-feng WEI, Gang-qiang SHI, Yang-yang SUN, and Fei LIU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2001 (2015)

The Progress in Remote Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Ting-ting ZHANG, Xiong WAN, Rong SHU, and Peng-xi LIU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2007 (2015)

Detection of Lead in Water by Electrolyte Cathode Atmospheric Glow Discharge Emission Spectroscopy

Pei-chao ZHENG, Bin ZHANG, Jin-mei WANG, Xiao-meng WANG, Hong-di LIU, and Rui YANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2012 (2015)

Quantitative Analysis of Heavy Metals in Water with LIBS Based on Signal-to-Background Ratio

Li HU, Nan-jing ZHAO, Wen-qing LIU, Li FANG, Da-hai ZHANG, Yin WANG, De-shuo MENG, Yang YU, and Ming-jun MA

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2017 (2015)

Effect of Characteristic Variable Extraction on Accuracy of Cu in Navel Orange Peel by LIBS

Wen-bing LI, Ming-yin YAO, Lin HUANG, Tian-bing CHEN, Jian-hong ZHENG, Shi-quan FAN, Mu-hua LIU, Xiu-wen HE, Jin-long LIN, and Jing-yi OUYANG

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2021 (2015)

Analysis of H2S/PH3/NH3/AsH3/Cl2 by Full-Spectral FlamePhotometric Detector

Zhi-jun DING, Pu-hong WANG, Zhi-jun LI, Bin DU, Lei GUO, and Jian-hua YU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2025 (2015)

Rapid Detection of Trace Dimethoate Pesticide Residues Based on Colorimetric Spectroscopy

Wen LI, Ming SUN, Min-zan LI, and Hong SUN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2029 (2015)

The Study of Advanced Fundamental Parameter Method in EDXRFA

Feng CHENG, Qing-xian ZHANG, Liang-quan GE, Yi GU, Guo-qiang ZENG, Yao-yao LUO, Shuang CHEN, Lei WANG, and Jian-kun ZHAO

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2034 (2015)

Determination of 22 Elements in Herb Tea by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Dan LI, Liang-quan GE, Guang-xi WANG, Wan-chang LAI, Juan ZHAI, and Lu CHEN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2043 (2015)

Spectral Calibration of Space-born Imaging Spectrometers Using Spectrum-Matching Technique

Min-jie ZHAO, Fu-qi SI, Yi-huai LU, Yu WANG, Shi-mei WANG, Yu JIANG, Hai-jin ZHOU, and Wen-qing LIU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2049 (2015)

Based on Trigger Sampling Method and Phase Correction of Infrared Spectrum Measurement Applications

Yan LI, Min-guang GAO, Liang XU, Sheng LI, Xiang-xian LI, Shu-bin YE, and Jian-guo LIU

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2054 (2015)

Design of Dual-Beam Spectrometer in Spectrophotometer for Colorimetry

Yi-xuan LIU and Chang-xiang YAN

Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2060 (2015)