Acta Optica Sinica

Year: 2020

<Volume: 40, Issue: 18>

25 Article(s)

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X-Ray Optics

Enhancement Algorithm of Variable Energy X-Ray Fusion Images

Liu Bin, Zhao Pengxiang, Zhao Xia, and Zhang Lichao

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1834001 (2020)

Thin Films

In-Situ Electrochemical-Photoreduction Synthesis and Photocatalytic Performance of Pd/BiF3 Thin Films

Hao Ruigang, Kong Xiangpeng, Zhao Zu, and Zhang Xiaochao

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1831001 (2020)

Imaging Systems

Iterative Convergence and Reconstruction Uniqueness of Coherent Modulation Imaging

Pan Xingchen, Liu Cheng, and Zhu Jianqiang

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1811001 (2020)

Modeling and Experiment of Image Field Modulated Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometer

Lü Jinguang, Zhao Baixuan, Liang Jingqiu, Wang Weibiao, Qin Yuxin, and Tao Jin

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1811002 (2020)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

An Immunosensor Based on the Graphene-Oxide-Encapsulated Au-Nanoshell-Coated Long-Period Fiber Grating

Shi Shenghui, Wu Decao, Wang Xin, Nie Qinglin, Liu Zhijiang, Luo Binbin, Liu Enhua, Liu Peng, and Zhao Mingfu

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1806001 (2020)

Strain Sensor Based on Thin Core-Tapered Three Cores-Thin Core Fiber Structure

Xu Shishi and Feng Wenlin

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1806002 (2020)

Visible Light Positioning Algorithm Based on Sparsity Adaptive and Location Fingerprinting

Xu Shiwu, Wu Yi, and Wang Xufang

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1806003 (2020)

Visible Light Communication System Based on Embedded Hard Drive Indicator

Rong Xinchi, Wang Chao, Ren Jiawei, Wang Tao, and Zhu Yijun

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1806004 (2020)

Study on Bit Error Rate Degradation Caused by EDFA Crosstalk in DWDM System

Chen Xiangjing, Wang Jian, and Wu Chongqing

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1806005 (2020)

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Vector Millimeter-Wave Generation Based on Two Parallel Phase Modulators

Wang Dongfei, Tang Xianfeng, Xi Lixia, and Zhang Xiaoguang

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1806006 (2020)

Optical Design and Fabrication

Design of Off-Axis Four-Mirror Optical Antenna with Long Exit Pupil Distance

Tian Qijie, Zhang Jianhua, Zhang Huanhuan, Song Yansong, Xue Jingjing, Hu Xinrong, Chen Xiang, and Li Shuai

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1822001 (2020)

Design of Stereo LED Plant Light Source System with High Spatial Illumination Uniformity

Jiao Feiyu, Wen Shangsheng, Ma Bingxu, Zhang Bo, Jiang Xinyu, Lu Yunle, Huang Weizhao, and Wu Qibao

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1822002 (2020)

Machine Vision

Depth Image Point Cloud Segmentation Using Spatial Projection

Guo Qingda and Quan Yanming

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1815001 (2020)

Geometric Optics

Effect and Prediction Method of Specular Dust Based on Trough Solar System

Wang Zhimin, Chan Wenwu, Yang Chang, Tian Rui, Han Xiaofei, Song Li, and Gao Chonggang

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1808001 (2020)

Quantum Optics


Effect of Multiplication Layer Thickness on Device Properties of In0.53Ga0.47As/InP Avalanche Photodiode

Wang Hang, Yuan Zhengbing, Tan Ming, Gu Yuqiang, Wu Yuanyuan, Xiao Qingquan, and Lu Shulong

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1804001 (2020)

Image Processing

Infrared Simulation Based on Cascade Multi-Scale Information Fusion Adversarial Network

Jia Ruiming, Li Tong, Liu Shengjie, Cui Jiali, and Yuan Fei

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1810001 (2020)

Fringe Pattern Inpainting Based on Convolutional Neural Network Denoising Regularization

Peng Guangze and Chen Wenjing

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1810002 (2020)

Self-Supervised Transfer Learning of Pulmonary Nodule Classification Based on Partially Annotated CT Images

Huang Hong, Peng Chao, Wu Ruoyu, Tao Junli, and Zhang Jiuquan

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1810003 (2020)

Remote Sensing and Sensors

Calibration Accuracy Evaluation of Visible and Near-Infrared Bands of FY-3B MERIS

He Xingwei, Han Qi, Feng Xiaohu, and Kang Ning

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1828001 (2020)

Theoretical Model on Geosynchronous Orbit Object Imaging with Space-Borne Synthetic Aperture Ladar

Wang Debin, Wu Jin, Wu Tong, and Ke Jiayi

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1828002 (2020)

Point-Source-Target-Based Method for Space Remote Sensing Geometric Calibration and Positioning Accuracy Improvement

Li Kai, Zhang Yongsheng, Meng Weican, and Yang Weiming

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1828003 (2020)

Instrumentation, Measurement and Metrology

Methane Telemetry Based on Optical Path Automatic Collimation

Ji Wenhai, Song Di, Jiao Yue, Ma Longyan, and Li Guolin

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1812001 (2020)

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Design of Compact 85Rb Fountain Optical Path Based on Profile Gridded Platform

Ji Qingchen, Dong Richang, Wang Qian, Zhang Ning, Zhao Weijing, Wang Yan, and Wei Rong

Vol. 40, Issue 18, 1802001 (2020)