Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2010

<Volume: 39, Issue: 1>

42 Article(s)

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Kinetic Lattice Monte Carlo Simulation of Cu Thin Film Growth

Zi-ruo WU, Xin-bin CHENG, and Zhan-shan WANG

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 62 (2010)

Structure and Optical Properties of Mg0.33Zn0.67O Film Deposited on Si(100)Substrate

Quan-sheng LIU, Xi-yan ZHANG, Yu-xia WANG, Li-ping LU, Hai-ying SUN, Xiao-chun WANG, Zhao-hui BAI, Neng-li WANG, and Xiao-yun MI

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 67 (2010)


Inhomogeneous Broadening Effect on the Propagation Characteristics of Ultrashort Laser Pulse

Hua-rong ZHANG, Cheng LI, and Xiang-yang YU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 6 (2010)

Gain Bandwidth of Periodically Poled RbTiOAsO4 in Noncollinear Quasi-Phase Matching

Yan-bin MEN, Li WANG, Fang WEN, Xin-ping ZHANG, and Jin-rong TIAN

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 12 (2010)

An Improved Simulation Method of Supercontinuum Generated by Sub-nanosecond Pulse

Ping FANG, Zhi YANG, Yi-shan WANG, Wei ZHAO, Ting ZHANG, Cheng LI, Zuo-liang DUAN, and Kai-liang DUAN

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 16 (2010)

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

An Optical Packet Switching System with a Novel Scheme for Using Optical OFDM Label Signal

Chao-li ZHANG, Lin CHEN, Yu-feng SHAO, Zi-zheng CAO, Deng-ke LI, and Jian-jun YU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 84 (2010)

Primary Environment Influence Factors to Tracking Precision in Space-ground Laser Communication

Cheng HAN, Bao-xing BAI, Hua-min YANG, Shou-feng TONG, Jing-tao FAN, Lin-tao YU, and Yi-feng ZHU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 89 (2010)


Tunable Birefringence of Silver Nanofluids under Electric Fields

Jing-xing HUANG, Chun-rong LUO, and Xiao-peng ZHAO

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 21 (2010)

Photoluminescent Properties in Manganese-doped Zinc Oxide Tetropods

Ma-hua WANG, Guang-ping ZHU, and Chun-xiang XU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 25 (2010)


Registration Error Analysis for Microlens Array and Photosonser in Light Field Camera

Yan YUAN, Yu ZHOU, and Huang-hua HU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 123 (2010)

Application Research of CIS in Transient Multi-wavelength Pyrometray Measurement

Bo WANG, Yong-lin BAI, Rui-li ZHANG, and Ke-hui REN

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 127 (2010)


Oil Pipeline Sliding Monitoring System Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor

Zhi-xin HU, Yun-bin MA, Dong-jie TAN, Peng-chao CHEN, and Jun LI

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 33 (2010)

Environment Refractive Index Sensor Based on Microfiber Coupler

Rao-hui FENG, Jian-hui YU, and Wei-long SHE

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 37 (2010)

A Vibration Sensor Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Fabry-Perot Cavity

Zhen-long CHENG, Jian-lin ZHAO, Wang-min ZHOU, Quan-chao L, Zi-jun PAN, and Fan FAN

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 47 (2010)

Sagnac Fiber-Optic Current Sensor Without Vibration Sensitivity

Jia WANG, Hong-lu Hou, and Jin-tao XU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 57 (2010)


Measurement and Reconstruction of 3D Acoustic Standing Wave Field Using Digital Holographic Interferometry

Xiu-shan CHEN, En-pu LI, Jian-lin ZHAO, Bao-qiang DOU, Guo-ling HUANG, and Wen-bo LI

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 95 (2010)

Design of Athermal Polymer Waveguide Microring Resonator

Xiu-you HAN, Jia-ning Zhang, Ting-ting JIN, Ling-hua WANG, Ming-shan ZHAO, Jin-yan WANG, and Xi-gao JIAN

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 100 (2010)

A Method of Bifocal Zoom Endoscope System Design

Wei ZHANG, Weijian TIAN, and Hong-jian ZHANG

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 105 (2010)

Paraxial Magnification of Stereoscopic Display

Tao HUANG, Qiu-dong ZHU, Yong-tian WANG, and Qun HAO

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 116 (2010)

Design of the Abstractive Spectrum Measuring System on Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs

Qing-xia MENG, Qi-chang PANG, Ji MA, Wan-xiang ZHANG, and Jing ZHAO

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 119 (2010)


Portable Multispectral Imager Based on LCTF

Xin-quan WANG, Min HUANG, Xiao-hui GAO, and Xiang-guo XIAO

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 71 (2010)


Doped Modes of SiO2/CdSe One-dimensional Photonic Crystal with LiTaO3 in Visible Region

Pei-de HAN, Lu ZHANG, Can WANG, Xin YAN, and Bing-she XU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 76 (2010)


High-power VCSEL with Radial Brigde Electrodes

Li-feng HOU, Gang ZHONG, Ying-jie ZHAO, Yu-xia WANG, Yong-qin HAO, Yuan FENG, Xiao-guang JIANG, and Hao-rui XIE

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 1 (2010)

Quantum Optics

Entanglement Concentration of Single-photon Entangled States

Xin-hua CAI, Nao-sheng QIAO, and Guang-han PENG

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 153 (2010)

One-way Communication Scheme Based on Superdense Coding of Four Dimension Two Particles

Rui ZHOU, Yu-lan ZHU, and Yi-you NIE

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 156 (2010)


Destriping IIM Images with Modified Linear Interpolation Algorithm

Xiang-juan LI, Jian-feng YANG, and Bin XUE

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 164 (2010)

An Image Edge-Preserving Disposal Method for Infrared Focal Plane Arrays Using Wavelet Transform

[in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 169 (2010)

Realization of Measuring the Sub-pixel Edge System Based on FPGA

Xiao-dong HU and Na MA

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 173 (2010)

An Automatic Interpretation Approach for Urban Remote Sensing Image Based on Multiple Features Integration

Xian SUN, Hong-qi WANG, Dao-bing ZHANG, Yan-feng HU, and Da-liang GONG

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 178 (2010)

Image Processing of Dimples Based on Image Adaptive Thresholding by Index of Fuzziness

Xin-cheng LI, Xin-xin GUO, and Wei-xin ZHU

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 184 (2010)

Hyperspectral Image Segmentation Based on Mean Shift and Fuzzy Integral Fusion

Kai WANG, Yong-qiang ZHAO, Yong-mei CHENG, and Kun Wei

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 188 (2010)

Physical Optics

Performance Analysis of Space-integrating Magnetooptic Correlation

Bao-jian WU, Bao-xiang XIE, and Cheng-you LUO

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 139 (2010)

Research on Long-life Modes in 2D Random Scattering Media

Yun-xia YE and Hong-bing YAO

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 144 (2010)

Study of a New Sparse-aperture System

Shi-tong LIANG, Jian-feng YANG, Xiang-juan LI, Yu BAI, and Hong-wei WANG

Vol. 39, Issue 1, 148 (2010)