Acta Photonica Sinica

Year: 2011

<Volume: 40, Issue: 10>

29 Article(s)

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Research Article

Endoscope Two Dimensional Scanning Fiber Probe and the Driving Method

Guang-ping LI, He GAO, Ai ZHOU, and Zhi-hai LIU

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1447 (2011)

Relative Self-adaptive Filtering Method Applied to Incremental Optoelectric Encoder

Yi-ning MU, Ping LI, Lin-tao YU, Guo-yu ZHANG, and Chun-ming SHEN

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1452 (2011)

Fluorescence Spectrum of Na2KSb(Cs) Multi-alkali Photocathode of the GenⅡ+ Image Intensifier

Xiao-feng LI, Kai-jun SONG, Ru-biao LIU, and Wen-bo YAN

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1459 (2011)

Analysis in Chaotic Characteristics of Electrical-optical Bistable Systems

Zhen-hua ZHAO, Sheng-hai ZHANG, Hua YANG, Jian-feng TAN, and Dan ZHANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1464 (2011)

Simple Scheme for Preparation of Six-photon Entangled States via Cross-Kerr Medium

Meng-zheng ZHU and Chun-ran ZHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1469 (2011)

Numerical and Experimental Analysis on the Operational Reliability of Rotating Mirror for Ultra-high Speed Camera

Chun-hui YU, Chun-bo LI, Jin-long CHAI, Zhan-hong JIANG, Jing-zhen LI, and Hong-bin HUANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1484 (2011)

Temperature Characteristics of Long Period Fiber Gratings Contained High Temperature Resistant Coating Layer

Wei-sheng SUN, Jie-long SHI, Yuan-yuan CHEN, and Qing YANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1490 (2011)

Spectropolarimetric Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Modeling for Background Based on LS-SVM Regression

Yong-qiang ZHAO, Dan LIU, Chao CHEN, and Yong-mei CHENG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1494 (2011)

Spectrum Resonance Energy Transfer and Energy Analysis of Resorption

Li-xin GE, Shu-mei GAO, and Si-bin L

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1500 (2011)

Formation Process of Pyramids on Single Crystal Si Surface

Jia-tong TIAN, Shi-meng FENG, Kun-xia WANG, Hua-tian Xu, Shu-quan YANG, feng LIU, Jian-hua HUANG, and Jun PEI

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1505 (2011)

Design of Supporting Structure for Plane Grating and Surface Deformation Calculation

Biao LIANG, Wei LIU, and Cheng CHEN

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1514 (2011)

Athermalization for Mid-wave Infrared Scene Projector Optical System

Le YANG, Qiang SUN, Jian WANG, Bang-hui GUO, Ying LIU, and Yang JIANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1521 (2011)

Linearity Analysis on Bellows Actuator of a Fine Objective Lens

Wen-quan YUAN, Yan GONG, Wei ZHANG, Xue-liang WANG, Ming-yang NI, and Lei ZHAO

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1526 (2011)

Synchronous Carrier Extracting Method Based Demodulation Scheme for Fiber Optic Sensor Using Phase Generated Carrier

Yi ZHANG, Bo JIA, Hai-yan XU, Hong-yan WU, and Qian XIAO

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1531 (2011)

Modeling of Optical Circuit and Analysis of Polarization Errors for the Reflective Optical Voltage Sensor

Yan LI, Min ZHANG, Xiu-juan FENG, Li-jing LI, Chuan-sheng LI, and Ming YANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1536 (2011)

An Improved Algorithm for 3D Reconstruction Based on Color CGHs of 3D Objects Using Multiple Projection View Images

Dong-xu XUE, Yong YANG, Hui-min ZHANG, Xing ZHAO, and Xiao-cong YUAN

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1542 (2011)

Video Quality Assessment Based on Gradient and Motion Estimation

Wenjuan Liu, Sumei Li, Yanjun Zang, and Jinjin Wei

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1547 (2011)

Multi-scale Unsupervised Color Image Segmentation

Zhi-gang CHEN, Ai-hua CHEN, Yue-li CUI, and Mei-jing XIANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1553 (2011)

A Weighted Hausdorff Distance Algorithm Based on Multi-scale Edge Measure Fusion

Sheng-jie QU, Quan PAN, Yong-mei CHENG, Chun-hui ZHAO, and Zhi-gang LING

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1560 (2011)

Phase Retrieval Based on Transport-of-intensity Equation

Hong CHENG, Quan-bi ZHANG, Sui WEI, and Chuan SHEN

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1566 (2011)

Three-dimension Reconstruction Technique of Concrete CT Images Based on Modified Ray-casting

Liang ZHAO, Chang-hua LI, Deng-feng CHEN, Fa-ning DANG, and Li-li WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1571 (2011)

Sound Fields Generated by Laser-induced Liquid Breakdown

Li-min GAO and Hui CAO

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1586 (2011)

A Simulated Model for Analyzing Backscattering of Laser Pulse Propagating in Water Based on Fournier Forand Volume Scattering Function

Biao HAN, Ji-fang LIU, Shao-jie ZHOU, Yan-ling SUN, Kun-lun LIU, and Xu WANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1590 (2011)

Wavelength Sensing Based on the Goos-Hnchen Effect

Ping-pinga XIAO, Minb QI, and Hong-wua HU

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1595 (2011)

Design of Light Pipe with Microstructures for Touch Screen

Xiao-na WEI, Yang BO, Peng-fei LIU, and Kan LU

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1599 (2011)

Analysis of Polarization-independent Optical Directional Coupler Based on Slot Waveguides for Long-wave Infrared

Guo-yi LI, Yu-xin WEI, Qiang ZHOU, Jian-yi YANG, Ming-hua WANG, and Xiao-Qing JIANG

Vol. 40, Issue 10, 1603 (2011)